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Stronger 4.5G network

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Robi’s 4.5G network is now stronger than before throughout the country. In 2020, Robi became a family of 5 crore customers and in 2022, Robi’s aim is to serve these 5 crore customers and more new customers with the best service in terms of network quality.

Robi has country’s widest 4.5G network coverage. The coverage has been validated on the basis of its massive deployment of L900 sites which improves indoor coverage and they are also deploying L2100 in their 4G sites to ensure great outdoor experience for the customers. No other telecom operator in Bangladesh has as many L900 sites as Robi. Robi has the widest coverage in the country since 2018, the deployment of 4G technology in Bangladesh and was the first operator to introduce 4G in all 64 districts of the country.

As a part of network improvement, Robi has also deployed maximum bandwidth of 20 MHz over 1800 MHz for largest number of customers. No other operator has deployed this amount of Bandwidth. Starting from the middle of 2021, through carrier aggregation, Robi has allocated 30 MHz to 35 MHz bandwidth for carrier aggregation capable handsets. This has improved the internet experience of the customer and increased internet speed by 30% to 50% for those using such smartphones. As a part of the initiative to provide the best 4G services, the company has started to allocate bandwidth of 3.5G for 4.5G to ensure good speed for 4G. Currently, this has only been done for Chapai Nawabganj but Robi plans to do this in more regions with the acceptance of 4.5G network by more customers.

Robi also has state of the art hardware for best data service – Dual-band capable 4T4R radios which has highest potential for data service. This technology is used by operators in Malaysia, China, Japan, Thailand and no other mobile network operator of the country has this technology.

Not only widest 4.5G coverage and advanced technology for 4G internet, Robi is also giving customers lucrative offers which makes it easier for anyone to avail Robi’s data packs and bundles and explore the world of opportunities and utilize the power of internet.