ZEE5 is a video streaming platform which hosts more than 1 lakh hours of content across different content genres like Live TV ( Zee Bangla + Other Channels), TV Shows, Movies and Originals.


Subscription PackPrice in BDT
ZEE5 Weekly Pack10 TK (+ VAT + SD + SC)
ZEE5 Monthly pack45 TK (+ VAT + SD + SC)

How to Use

a) Using the Android App through Mobile data:

  • Download ZEE5 Android app from google play store.
  • Install the app in your android phone.
  • Open android app and you will find Subscription Plan option:
    ZEE5 Weekly Auto Renew 
    ZEE5 Monthly Plan Auto Renew
  • Select your plan and complete the payment. You will get subscription confirmation notification in app..
  • You will get subscription confirmation Text in your SMS inbox.

b) Using the WAP:

  • Open your browser and type https://www.zee5.com/myaccount/subscription to reach the landing page of ZEE5.
  • Click on the subscription option or click to any section, then you can see the subscription plans.
    ZEE5 Weekly Auto Renew 
    ZEE5 Monthly Plan Auto Renew
  • Select your plan and then you need to confirm subscription. After that you will get subscription confirmation your SMS inbox.
  • You will be able to access the service and enjoy this service.

How to Unsubscribe:

  • Click on “UNSUBSCRIBE” button in the app.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I watch movies TV shows and other content in regional language?
    — To watch content in regional language - Click on Menu > Language > Select CONTENT from the tabs. Then, click on the language(s) that you prefer.
  • How can I change the display language to my regional language?
    — Click on Menu > Language and choose your preferred language. Then, click on SAVE.
  • How can I ensure that my mobile data is not consumed while watching video content?
    — As ZEE5 offers high-quality videos in up to 1080p Full HD quality, a sufficient amount of data will be required in order to play the required high quality video.
    — If you want WiFi only option on ZEE5, you can follow the following steps –
    Click on Menu > Settings > Select WiFi only option and set it to 'On' mode. This ensures your mobile data is never used for playing videos.

    Click on Menu > Settings > Quality and select 180p. This will ensure that the least amount of data is utilized while playing any video.
  • Do I have to pay to watch content?
    — ZEE5 has a mix of both free and premium content in 11 Indian languages. Except for premium content, all other content on ZEE5 can be enjoyed without paying any charges.
    However, if you are looking to access the premium content that includes our ZEE5 Originals and other award-winning movies and TV shows, purchase a premium membership and enjoy the content.
  • How do I know what content I have to pay for?
    — Except for premium content, all other content on ZEE5 is free to enjoy in your own preferred Indian language.
    All premium content comes with a 'PREMIUM' tag on it, for an easy identification to from the rest of the content.
  • What is Premium Content?
    — ZEE5 offers a wide range of exclusive content that's made available only for our ZEE5 premium plan subscribed customers.
    ZEE5 premium content includes ZEE5 Originals, worldwide-renowned Hollywood flicks, blockbuster Hindi cinemas, super hit regional movies across 11 different languages, American TV shows, documentaries, dubbed movies in regional language and much more - All this without any commercial.
  • Is ZEE5 available outside of India?
    — Yes ZEE5 is currently available in more than 190 countries across the world.
  • On what device can I stream ZEE5 content?
    — ZEE5 works on any Android (running 4.1 or later) and iOS (running 9.0 or later) device such as your smartphone, tablet/iPad, SMART TV, PC, Laptop, Android TV and others.
  • What is the recommended internet speed to access ZEE5? instead of how fast does my broadband connection need to be
    — ZEE5 does not have any particular requirement in terms of internet connection speed however, we would recommend at least 10MB/s in order to stream videos up to HD quality without a buffer.
    If you prefer to watch the videos in Ultra HD quality, we recommend that you have an internet/broadband connection that offers at least 25MB/s for a lag-free streaming experience.
    NOTE: All the specifications mentioned above are a rough estimate and is applicable for streaming 1 video on 1 device. If multiple videos are streamed using a common internet/broadband connection, a higher broadband speed is recommended for a smoother video playback.
  • Can I stream ZEE5 content on different devices?
    — When you subscribe to any one of our premium plans, you can stream any content on ZEE5 on up to 5 devices at once.
    Please note that if you start streaming content on a sixth device, user on the first device will automatically get logged out. So, we request you to please stream content on a maximum of 5 devices simultaneously.
  • How can I manage the notifications?
    — ZEE5 sends you notifications via Email, SMS and push notifications at regular intervals. You will receive notifications for a new episode launch, when new content is added, subscription renewal, reminders and many more. This ensures you do not miss out on exclusive movie premieres, latest offers and much more.
    However, if you do not wish to receive specific notifications or all of our notifications, simply log in to your app > click on Menu > click on Settings option. Scroll down to 'Notifications' section to manage notifications for Mobile, Email and SMS individually.
  • How can I stop a video Auto play?
    — Once you finish watching a video, the next related video will play automatically. This will avoid the hassle for you to manually search for the next video, so you can sit back and enjoy watching non-stop content one after the other!
    However, if you prefer to manually select the videos that you wish to see, click on Menu > Settings > Set the Auto Play to 'Off' mode.
  • What is Parental Control?
    — Our Parental Control option lets you restrict certain videos to be displayed on ZEE5 app or website based on the age of the audience that you set. This ensures that your kid has access only to content that is suitable for their viewing.
    For example, if your child is under 13 years of age, you can set the age to '13' and we will only show content that is suitable for viewing for people who are under 13 years of age.
    To access this feature, select Menu > Parental Control option. You will be prompted to log in again. Once you log in, set the age of the audience and create a 4-digit PIN. Submit and you're done!
  • How can I clear the search history?
    — To clear the search history, click on Menu > Settings > Clear Search History option.
  • Does ZEE5 work on Chromecast?
    — Yes, ZEE5 works on Chromecast.
  • When does OTP come?
    — OTP comes when User is resetting the Password from Forget Password and During Payment Authorization.
  • From which short code (or masking), SMS notification/OTP will come?
    — We are using 249492 and ZEE5 services to send SMS.
  • What if one customer has low balance during subscription and renewal
    — Subscription Payment won’t happen and Renewal will be cancelled
  • Will fall pack charge applicable? For example, monthly charge is BDT 45, one requests for monthly subscription having below BDT 45 in main account. Then he will be charge for weekly subscription fee and inform customer accordingly. Form next billing cycle system will try to charge BDT 45. If not then this process will continue
    — There is no fall pack charge.
  • How many device one can connect at a time?
    — 5 Devices. Although it can vary from Plan to Plan.
  • How to search content?
    — There is Search button on App/Web at the top, User can click on it and Search via Typing the show name or can click on Mic to speak directly to search a specific content.
  • Why to give email address, Facebook or Google account?
    — It’s for User’s convenience to login through different ways. Connecting Email and Mobile in User’s account can help in much easier access with any of these, and by connecting social accounts user can access ZEE5 with one click login
  • How many MSISDN can be listed under one email address/FB account?
    — One Mobile Number (MSISDN) in one account, Email and Facebook accounts can be connected optionally in same account.
  • Can I download any content and watch it offline?
    — Yes! Most of the content on ZEE5 can be downloaded to your device so you can watch them later. Please note that this feature is currently available only on our Android and iOS app.
    To download the content, follow the steps below -
    1. Log in to your account (if not logged in)
    2. Open the content that you want and look for the 'down arrow mark' icon on the top right-hand side of the video. Click on it to download the content. You can choose between Internal memory or SD card (if available) to save the file. The quality of the video depends on the current video quality that is set (180p, 360p, 720p or 1080p).
    That's it! After your download is complete, you can access your downloaded content anytime from Menu > Watchlist > Offline option.
    NOTE: If you do not find the icon to download, most likely that content will be subjected to copyright and you will not be able to download that video.
  • Can I save a list of movies and shows to watch later?
    — Yes, you can add content to 'Watchlist' section to watch it later. To add any video to the Watchlist, follow the steps below -
    First, log in to your account (if not logged in)
    Second, play the video that you wish to watch later. Once the video starts playing, click on the ‘three dots’ that you find on the right-hand side of the video. Then, click on 'Add to Watchlist' option and the video will be added to your Watchlist.
    You can then access the 'Watchlist' from Menu > Watchlist option to watch all the content anytime you want.
  • Can I add content to the 'My Favourites’ collection?
    — Yes, you can add content to the 'My Favorites’ section. To do so, simply follow the steps below -
    Firstly, log in to your account (if not logged in)
    Secondly, once the video starts playing, simply click on the "three dots" that you find on the top right-hand side of the video. Then, select the 'Add to Favorites’ option and the video will be added to your list of Favourite.
    You can then access the 'My Favorites’ from Menu > Watchlist > My Favourite option to watch all the content.
  • I am not able to play any content. Need help!
    — If you can't play any content, follow one or all of the steps below and try again.
    Firstly, check your internet connection.
    Secondly, log out and close the app. Then, reopen the app and log in to your account.
    Thirdly, uninstall the app and reinstall it.
    NOTE: If you are accessing ZEE5 on your desktop, please check your internet connection. Then, clear your browser history, cookies and cache. Make sure the browser you're using is up to date. You may also want to try accessing a different browser.
    If none of this help, please send us a query using the Contact Us (LINK TO CONTACT US) page and we’ll help you resolve your query.
  • I forgot my password. How do I LOGIN/ CHANGE/ RECOVER?
    — If you are a registered on the app via mobile number, go on the LOGIN page and then click on Forgot Password link available on the same page. Follow the instructions to reset your password.
    If you have registered using an email address, click on LOGIN, select Login Via Email Id link and then click on Forgot Password. Follow the instructions written to reset the password and continue using ZEE5.
  • I am not able to access my account. Please help.
    — Please check if you are using your registered email address or mobile number to login. Also, make sure you are using the correct password. If you cannot log in, try changing your password by following the instructions here.
    If you are registered using your Facebook, Google or Twitter ID, make sure you log in using the same ID.
    If you are still not able to log in, please contact us and we'll help you resolve your query.
  • I am an existing dittoTV member. Can I log in to ZEE5 app or website under the same account?
    — Yes! Your existing ditto TV subscription will be valid on both ZEE5 app and the website. All you need to do is log in using your existing User ID and password.
    If you do not remember your password, follow the instructions below -
    If you have registered using your mobile number, click on LOGIN and click on 'Forgot Password' link available on the same page. Follow the instructions to reset your password.
    If you have registered using an email address, click on LOGIN & select 'Login via Email ID' link and then select the 'Forgot Password' link available on the same page. Then, follow the instructions to reset your password.
    If you have changed your mobile number or do not have access to your email address, you will have to sign up again.
  • Can I change the video quality? instead of Can I change the video quality settings?
    — Yes. You can choose from 180p, 360p, 720p or 1080p. Please note that by default, the video quality is set to 'Auto' and ZEE5 will automatically adjust the quality of the video depending on your internet connection speed. So, you can simply sit back and enjoy the video in the best quality every time!
  • How much does a Premium subscription cost?
    — ZEE5 Premium plans start from Rs.99 only. Once you subscribe to our premium plan, you get access to exclusive international, national and regional content wherever you are.
    That's not all, as you can also stream all premium and non-premium content on up to 5 devices at once! After all, happiness is sharing! Click here to see all our Premium plans
  • How do I subscribe to ZEE5 premium content?
    — Simply follow the steps below to subscribe -
    Firstly, open the ZEE5 app and log in to your account,
    Secondly Click on the ‘Menu’ icon on the top left-hand corner,
    Thirdly, Scroll down to 'My Account' and you will see 'Buy Subscription' option. Click on it,
    fourthly, choose the type of subscription plan that you would like to opt for - 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or the 12 months pack.
    Fifthly, once you select the subscription pack, make the payment using your preferred mode of payment. ZEE5 accepts payment via credit cards, debit cards, net banking, Paytm, mobile balance (Vodafone, Idea and Airtel only) and Google Play Purchase (only for Android).
    That's it! Your account is instantly activated, and you can enjoy our entire array of ZEE5 premium content on your smartphone, laptop, tablet, Wi-Fi TV, SMART TV or any internet-connected device that you want 24/7.
  • How can I cancel my premium plan subscription?
    — We are sad to know that you are looking to cancel your subscription. Please let us know if you're facing any problem in accessing ZEE5 app or website by mailing us at support.in@zee5.com (this will change from country to country)
    If you still decide to cancel your subscription, follow one of the steps below -
    Firstly, if you have an auto-renew subscription, you can uncheck the 'auto-renewal' option and you will not be billed from the next billing cycle.
    Secondly, If you do not have an auto-renew subscription, you do not have to cancel your plan. Once your current subscription ends, your premium plan will automatically get cancelled and you will not be charged from the next billing cycle.
    Thirdly, if you have paid through your prepaid/post-paid mobile balance, simply unsubscribe from Zee5 from your registered mobile number and you will not be billed from the next billing cycle.
    Please note that after you subscribe to one of our premium plans, we will not be able to offer any refund if you decide to cancel before the plan ends.