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Robi Cash App

RobiCash is an electronic float that enables you to perform a wide range of payment transactions (utility bill, Robi airtime purchase etc.) using your mobile phone anytime, anywhere!

By refilling your RobiCash m-wallet or with assistance from RobiCash Point or from the online platform you will be able to carry out the transactions.

Services under RobiCash:

  • Utility Bill Payment Services (Electricity, Gas and Water)
  • Easy Load Purchase
  • Smart Metering
  • Pre-paid Metering

RobiCash registration and recharge:

  • Robi customers need to dial *787*1# and Airtel customers to dial *400*1*1# to register RobiCash.
  • After registering, RobiCash users can recharge/top-up RobiCash e-float from the nearest RobiCash agent
  • You can download RobiCash app from Play Store and App Store

RobiCash Agents List: Download

What is “RobiCash?

RobiCash is Robi Axiata Ltd.’s Digital Financial Solution, through which consumers can recharge their Robi and Airtel Mobile balance, pay utility bills and purchase Bus Tickets digitally. Customer can use either USSD method or App as convenient.

What is “RobiCash balance”?

“RobiCash balance” means an electronic balance which is used to pay Utility bill (Electricity, Gas, Water), refill Robi/airtel mobile numbers or purchase bus tickets. It is a mobile wallet from which the owner (of the wallet) can pay his/her utility bills.

What is “RobiCash point”?

RobiCash logo signed agent points providing bill payment and train ticketing service. Customer can also Cash In “RobiCash balance” from any “RobiCash Point”.

What are the utility providers are currently available for Bill Payment with RobiCash?

Currently you can pay bills for the below utility service providers:

Utility TypeUtility ProviderService Type
ElectricityBPDBPrepaid and Postpaid
ElectricityBREBPrepaid and Postpaid
ElectricityDESCOPostpaid (Prepaid to launch soon)
ElectricityDPDCPrepaid and Postpaid
ElectricityNESCOPrepaid and Postpaid
ElectricityWZPDCLPrepaid and Postpaid
GASJalalabad GasPostpaid

From where can a customer get the “RobiCash” balance?

The “RobiCash” balance is available in all the “RobiCash” logo signed agent points/POSs’ within your home location.

Who can avail RobiCash wallet?

Subscribers (Robi and Airtel mobile phone users only), who have registered for “RobiCash” account, can avail “RobiCash” balance in RobiCash wallet in their mobile phones.

How to pay bills from Mobile?

You can pay bills by RobiCash App, Download the app for your preferred device:

AppRobi USSDAirtel USSD
Robi Cash*787#*400#

How to load RobiCash balance in mobile phone?

Any Robi or Airtel subscribers/customers who is registered with ‘RobiCash account’ can, go to “RobiCash” logo signed retailers/points/POSs’ and can Cash in to get the load by paying the amount of RobiCash balance the subscriber(s) wants to purchase. The POS/agent/point/retailer will Cash In the desired RobiCash balance into the customers’ RobiCash wallet.

How to pay from RobiCash recharge shop’?

If you get the bill paper, then go to nearby RobiCash retail shop and pay the bill amount with service charge. After the bill payment you will get notification SMS. Save the Transaction ID for further reference.

Is there any service charge to pay bill(s)?

Yes, subscribers need to pay service charge as per following table:

Bill Amount Slab (BDT)Service Charge (BDT)
1 to 4005
401 to 150010
1500 to 500015
Robi Cash*787#

If anyone forgets his/her, PIN of RobiCash account

Customer should call at customer care/helpline number for instant support. Customer care will verify him/her with some information that he/she provided during registration (while registering for ‘RobiCash’ account). If verification is ‘OK’ then PIN will reset to xxxxxx but before doing any transaction customer must change this PIN (given/reset from 018xxxxxxxx - helpline), otherwise he/she will not be able to do any transaction.

What will do if Mobile Phone is missing?

Customer should go to ROBI’s customer care and do the requirements to block or/and reactive his/her SIM card. Now, if the customer has reactivated his old number then s/he will find the RobiCash account active in his/her SIM card along with left over RobiCash balance (if any).

Payment options for users?

Only Robi and Airtel subscribers/users can pay electricity bills from both their mobile phones and from ‘RobiCash’ signed POSs’ & respective WICs. However, mobile phone users of other operators or not using any mobile phone can pay their electricity bills from ‘RobiCash’ signed POSs’ but before that s/he has to provide a mobile number where the SMS will delivery after the bill payment.

For lock the complaint, where s/he needs to contact?

Customer will call Robi help line. Help line agents will deliver the required services.

Is there any restriction to pay bill same day in same number?

Yes, no transection is allowed to the same number twice within six hours.