The Noor app is specially designed for Robi users, so you can use this app all year round. This app will help you manage a peaceful life in the Islamic system. With subscriptions, you can download multimedia content free daily.

Find more in the Noor App

  • Noor package (voice) users will get 7 days free subscription.
  • Can read and write the holy Qur'an with the Bengali translation.
  • Receive prayers for prayers, prayers and prayers for prayers, which will help you to pray properly.
  • In addition to the holy month of Ramadan, you can get schedule of Sehri and Iftar for the year according to the division.
  • Schedule schedule to be shown according to the category.
  • Receive 'Tarabeeh' prayers and relevant prayers.
  • Through the compass, you can easily find the right direction of Kibbala, which will help you to pray for the benefit of Qibla.
  • Required daily prayers and prayers.
  • Digital Tasbih
  • Know 99 names of Allah, Money and Fajilata.
  • Find the Islamic name with the meaning of your newborn.
  • Find out the location of the nearest mosque and restaurant according to your location.
  • Find all types of information about Hajj Chapters, prayers and Hajj.
  • You will see live video of Hajj or any Islamic event.
  • Free Download Islamic Wallpapers & Animations
  • Streaming Unlimited Islamic songs and Islamic videos

Subscription Fee:

Package TypeCharge
Daily SubscriptionTk 2/Day
15 Days SubscriptionTk 7/Day

  • There will be data charge applicable for browsing the portal.
  • VAT, SD & SC will be applicable.
  • Auto Renewal is also applicable.