Health Plus

Health Plus is Robi and Supernova Techno’s popular mobile health services. It is a complete solution of mobile health application. You can face a number of benefits using this app. You can also get access to this service through SMS, IVR & WAP.

Benefits: You will get the following services from the Health Plus app

  • Live Video Call with Doctor
  • Video Call Logs
  • Doctor Appointments booking
  • Blood Bank information
  • Ambulance service
  • Medicine Reminder
  • Health Insurance Facilities including in and out patient benefits
  • Life and accidental insurance coverage
  • Online medicine purchase & free home delivery in Dhaka area
  • Information of specialized Doctor
  • Nearest Hospital
  • Nearest Pharmacy
  • Medicine Shop
  • Doctor’s Advice - Category wised video Clips
  • Blog on Health & Nutrition related information
  • Live consultancy with specialized doctors Patient Record
  • Effective medical education for improving your medical knowledge
  • Managing/Providing useful information


TypePrice in BDTValidityRenewal
Health Plus Service Daily2 + (VAT+SD+SC)1Yes
PariPal Health Plus Service Weekly20 + (VAT+SD+SC)7Yes

Upon successful subscription, you will be able to enjoy below benefits through different channels –

SL.Features nameBenefitsChannel
1st Phase
1Doctor’s Advice (Recorded video)Watch specialized doctor’s advice different health matters and diseases. All content are in Bangla.WAP/APP
2Doctor’s Advice & Health related recorded contentListen specialized doctor’s advice and health related recorded content anytime by Dialing IVR port 28477. Dialing this port is completely free for registered users.IVR
3Health & Nutrition TipsRegistered user will get daily one health & Nutrition tips by SMSSMS
4Health & Nutrition related blogYou can read different health & Nutrition related topic. This segment has categorized with different health related topics so that you can easily get their relevant information.APP/WAP
5Live consultancy with specialized DoctorsBased on health needs, you can make a direct call to specialized doctor to consult about different health related issues through APP & IVR. Doctors will be available from 9 AM to 10 PM (except Friday & Govt. holidays)APP/WAP/IVR
6Online medicine purchase & free home deliveryYou can purchase the medicine through APP and avail the advantage to get free home delivery in Dhaka area.APP/WAP
7Information of specialized Doc-Tors, with hospital informationA wide range of doctor’s database is available in APP. You can easily search your desired doctor information.FREE for all APP/WAP users
8Nearest Hospital InformationGet the nearest hospital information at any time.
9Information of nearest PharmacyGet the nearest Pharmacy information at any time.
10Life insurance coverageBased on the monthly deduction, registered user can get BDT 1 Lac (Maximum) for normal death coverage or BDT 1 Lac (Maximum) for accidental death coverage for next month. (Please see the exclusion list below)Added benefit
11Health Insurance facilitiesBased on the monthly deduction, registered you can avail yearly BDT 30000(Maximum) for in-patient benefit and yearly BDT 3000 (Maximum) for outpatient benefit. You need to be a paid subscriber of this service to avail this yearly benefit (Please see the details below)Added benefit
2nd Phase
12Doctor Appointments BookingYou can easily booked your desired doctor's appointment through APP & WAPAPP/WAP
13Blood Bank informationYou can easily find the blood bank information details through APP & WAPAPP/WAP
14Ambulance serviceDuring emergency time you can booked Ad-Din hospital ambulance service.APP/WAP
15Live video call consultancy with specialized doctors (Premium feature)Based on health need, you can also make adirect Video call to specialized doctor to consult about different topics through APP. Doctors will be available from 9 AM to 10 PM (except Friday & Govt. holidays)APP/WAP
16Medicine reminder (Premium Feature)You can select your medicine reminder as per your medicine taken scheduleWAP/APP
17Digital Health Record (Premium Feature)Allows you to store your health details and track health parameters over time as well as share it with others.WAP/APP

How to Subscribe:

  • Through SMS: You can subscribe to Health Plus by following below process:
    Subscription TypeActivation KeywordsShortcodeValidity
    Daily renewalSTART RH284771
    Weekly PariPal PremiumSTART HPW284777
  • Or dial IVR code 28477 and follow the instruction.
  • Or visit sites)
  • Or you can download the Android App from Google Play store from your Android handset ( and use the service by visiting the app.

How to Unsubscribe:

  • Through SMS: You can cancel Health Plus service by following below process:
    Subscription TypeDeactivation KeywordsShortcodeValidity
    Daily ServiceSTOP RH284771
    Weekly PariPal PremiumSTOP HPW284777
  • Or dial IVR code 28477 and follow the instruction.
  • Or visit sites)
  • Or visit the app from handset to cancel the service.


  • Data charge is applicable for browsing the app, streaming the videos, etc.
  • VAT, SD & SC will be applicable on tariff charge.
  • IVR browsing and the charge for the Short code 28477 is ZERO. No SMS charge for opt-in/opt-out.

Video Call:

  • Upon successfully subscription to Weekly Paripal Premium Health Plus Service User can enjoy Live Video Call facilities 3 Minutes free for once in a lifetime from one subscription number.
  • From the 4th Minute you will be charged 2.55 Tk (Including SD, VAT & SC) for every Minute.
  • If you made a Live video call for 3 Minutes and end the call (disconnected) and again get connected to Live Video call features, then you will be charged 2.55 Tk (Including SD, VAT & SC) from the first minute as you have already consumed your free minutes for Live video calling.

Please note, after cancelling the service, you will not be entitled for any benefit from health plus.

Details of Life and Health insurance benefits:

  • Eligible subscribers will have the opportunity to enjoy complimentary life coverage & accidental death coverage upon opt-in to Health Plus and consuming the respective amount monthly.
  • If you are active to Health Plus service for one calendar month, then you will be eligible to avail life and health insurance facilities for the next month immediately. Your privilege will be given based on the monthly charged amount from you.
  • For example, if you were an active subscriber of ’Health Plus' on January 2019 and charged amount was BDT 60 (Excluding SD, VAT & SC), then you are eligible to get the facilities under Diamond plan for the month of February 2019 and so on.
  • There are 4 schemes under ‘Health Plus’, below are the details:
    Total monthly deduction in BDT
    (Excluding VAT, SD & SC)
    Service Slabs Packs TypeLife death Coverage (in BDT)Accidental death Coverage (in BDT)In-Patient hospital cash (in BDT)Out-patient cash back (in BDT)
    Equal 10 to 38Complimentary Plan (Your subscription period should be minimum 30 days)35,00035,000NoneNone
    Equal 40 to 48Silver Plan50,00050,000Yearly Total 20,000/- Per claim 1,000/- Yearly 20 claimsYearly 2,000/- Diagnostic per Test 800/- Doctor per visit 200/-
    Equal 50 to 58Gold Plan75,00075,000Yearly Total 25,000 Per claim 1,000 Yearly 25 claimsYearly 2,500 Diagnostic per Test 800 Doctor per visit 200
    Equal to or more than 60Diamond Plan1,00,0001,00,000Yearly Total 30,000 Per claim 1,000 Yearly 30 claimsYearly 3,000 Diagnostic per Test 800 Doctor per visit 200

Please consider below information before availing the benefits –

  • Death coverage:
       - You will be able to avail the life Insurance death benefit for any cause except suicide and HIV (AIDS), STD, and incurable disease.
       - Accidental death benefit for any accident cause except Murder/Homicide.
  • Hospitalization:
       - Hospitalization benefit will be applicable up to three (3) consecutive night of hospitalization in a single confinement.
       - OPD
       - Per disability for OPD Benefit will determine based on the prescription.
       - OPD includes bills for diagnosis test and related attending physician’s visit.
       - Plan will cover maximum 1000/-[Diagnosis test BDT 800(Maximum) + Doctor prescription Fees BDT 200 (Maximum)] for a single disability.
       - Physician visit will be fixed [BDT 200 per prescription.]
  • Subscribed user will get all in-patient and out-patient benefits on next month based on current month’s deduction with given yearly limit.
  • You have to continue the subscription and pay the service fee to avail the benefits.
  • For the month of February, if system will be able to deduct daily charging, BDT 2.55 (Including SD, VAT & SC) with taxes for total 28 or 29 days, you will be eligible for Diamond Plan.

Information regarding Life and health Insurance Coverage:

  • All Robi subscribers who registered to Health Plus will eligible to avail the benefit of Life/Accidental Insurance and Hospital Cash back benefits.
  • Pragati Life Insurance will pay the Benefit to the relevant Beneficiary’s Mobile Banking Service (Bkash, Rocket) or Bank Account under the same Robi Sim. Pragati will pay the approved claim amount to the Beneficiary within Ten (10) working days of receipt of all the relevant claim documents.
  • Hospital cash will be payable for not more than 10 Hospitalizations (maximum 3 consecutive nights) occurring in respect of any Eligible Subscriber and/or in respect of any given mobile number, in any given “Subscription Year”, which means 12 renewals of the standard 30 days membership period.
  • All Eligible Subscribers will be qualified for and entitled to receive Hospital Cash and Life/Accidental Insurance Coverage from Pragati Life Insurance without any prior medical examination.

Claim settlement Procedure:

Each claim settlement is the subject to following terms and conditions:

  • Notification by the Eligible Subscriber of the relevant Covered Hospitalization to Supernova within sixty (60) days of the end of the Covered Hospitalization (or death of the Eligible Subscriber prior to settlement of a valid claim arising from this Agreement in the event of a claim by a Beneficiary other than the Eligible Subscriber).
  • Complete Claim Documents being provided by the Beneficiary to Supernova within sixty (60) days of the end of the Covered Hospitalization (or death of the Eligible Subscriber prior to settlement of a valid claim arising from this policy in the event of a claim by a Beneficiary other than the Eligible Subscriber); and
  • For the avoidance of doubt, any claims make after the given time period shall not be admissible unless mutually agreed otherwise.

In order for a claim to be made, the following documents evidencing the Covered     Hospitalization (the “Claims Documents”) shall be provided by the Beneficiary:

  • In the event of a claim made by an Eligible Subscriber, the Eligible Subscriber shall provide documentary evidence (scanned or original copies) of the hospital admission and discharge in the form of a digital copy of the Hospital Discharge Certificate; and In the event of a claim, make by the Beneficiary other than the Eligible Subscriber - upon the Eligible Subscriber’s death prior to settlement of a valid claim arising from this Policy, the relevant Beneficiary shall provide documentary evidence of the death of the Eligible Subscriber, the relationship between the Eligible Subscriber and the Beneficiary and of the Eligible Subscriber’s hospital admission.
  • In the event of all claims, the Beneficiary shall provide details of such Beneficiary’s mobile wallet account Robi sim number; and after receiving the proper documents, Pragati will ensure the disbursement of Hospital Cash amount to the Beneficiary within 15 working days, if there are no delays or issues associated with or arising out of the Beneficiary’s mobile wallet account, or to their responding adequately to fraud prevention questions.

Exclusion from health plus service benefits:

Registered user will not get any benefit for expenses or losses resulting from or incurred in connection with or in consequence of the following:

Exclusion for Death Claim

  • Death caused by self-inflicted injury or the commission of or attempted commission of an assault or any unlawful act, or being engaged in any illegal activity or felony
  • By participating in illegal activity is not covered
  • Suicide while sane or insane
  • The condition of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS), or any AIDS related illness or HIV virus.

Exclusion for Hospital cash Claim

  • Treatment of family planning purposes including termination of pregnancy, sterility or treatment related to assisted reproduction/ contraception.
  • Mental, emotional or psychiatric disorders, alcoholism or any other narcotic ad- diction.
  • Obesity i.e., treatment for, or required as a result of obesity, any cosmetic or plastic treatment/surgery, unless required as reconstructive surgery as a consequence of an injury due to accidents, burns;
  • Any procedures which is experimental or not generally accepted by the medical profession viz. acupuncture, herbal/Ayurveda/homeopathy treatment and any Alternative Medical Care (AMC) etc.
  • Rest, convalescence or rejuvenation cures, thermal baths, physiotherapy or confinement for the purposes of slimming or beautification
  • Injury arising due to accident while participating in any unlawful activities (e.g., driving a car without a license), attempted suicide, violation or attempted violation of the law, injuries willfully or intentionally self-inflicted or due to insanity or under the influence of a drug;
  • AIDS and HIV diseases.
  • Any kind of treatment related to eye/dental will not cover.

For further information: FAQs