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Robi showcases the Inspiring Tale of ‘Palki’-Bangladesh’s first ever electric vehicle

Leveraging on the revamped brand narrative, "Parbe Tumio", Robi has unveiled a compelling commercial showcasing the remarkable journey of Mustafa Al Momin, founder of Bangladesh's pioneering electric vehicle (EV) company, Palki Motors Limited. Crafted from the lens of inspiration, the story emphasizes Momin’s unwavering determination in overcoming challenges and skeptics, facilitated by Robi's countrywide presence of 4.5G supernet.

Momin’s story is a testament to the indomitable spirit of the people of Bangladesh who move forward with unshakeable grit in the face of difficulties—a philosophy that Robi as a brand cherishes and encourages under their new positioning “Parbe Tumio” [Believe, You Can!]. Countless such stories of inspiration reside in all corners of our country; with the power of internet and technology, these people are relentlessly fighting against all odds to make their dreams come true. And Robi, with its countrywide 4.5G Supernet, strives to bring these stories to light and spread inspiration far and wide.

“I am delighted to have my project recognized and honoured by Robi, as Palki has been a dream I have worked very hard to achieve. And I shall continue to strive to make the experience even better. Robi’s “Parbe Tumio” motto deeply resonates with me and I earnestly believe that to take the country forward, they will continue to support such initiatives in the future as well,” says Mustafa Al Momin, founder at Palki Motors Limited.

Commenting on this collaboration, Robi’s Chief Commercial Officer, Shihab Ahmad said, “Being a brand that always strives to inspire meaningful connections through continuous network improvement as well as adoption of green technology, we are delighted to showcase the story of Mustafa Al Momin who dared to make such dream into a reality. Robi will continue to celebrate such inspiring stories from all corners of the country who dream of taking the country to the next level.”

Robi continues to maintain its leadership in the 4G market with 59% of the total subscribers being 4G users, the highest proportion of 4G users among all operators in the industry. Following recent L2600 spectrum deployment in areas with high data traffic, Robi has now ensured 98.8% population coverage of its 4G network with more than 16,000 sites countrywide, ensuring double 4.5G speed experience for 4G smartphone users.