New experience in the melody of victory

On the occasion of victory day’20, Robi is launching a campaign ‘বিজয়ের সুরের নতুন এক্সপেরিয়েন্স’. With this campaign, Robi is bringing the ‘1st ever fusion of orchestra and performance together’. Renowned music composer Pavel (Chirkutt) is creating a new edition of the famous song of independence ‘নোঙ্গর তোল তোল’, a collective song originally comes from the lyricist ‘Noyeem Gowhar’ and composer ‘shomor das’.

In the new edition, well-knowned band of Bangladesh ‘Chirkutt’ will perform along with veteran singer ‘Rafiqul Alam’. Hundreds of other young musicians of the country – to be crowdsourced from a pool of submissions in Robi facebook page will also join in this one of a kind grand performance. The song was chosen by the audience after a poll on the digital media platforms of Robi from 23rd to 3rd December

Timeline: Audience Submission (4th Dec – 10th Dec)

To submit, inbox in our Facebook Page: