Bijoyer Shure Notun Experience 2021

On the occasion of Victory Day 2021, Robi Axiata Limited is launching a campaign ‘বিজয়ের সুরের নতুন এক্সপেরিয়েন্স’ reloaded. In 2020, Bijoyer Shurer Notun Experience with its own rendition of ‘নোঙ্গর তোল তোল’, was a massive success. With the success of Robi bringing the ‘1st ever fusion of orchestra and performance together’ last year, this year renowned music composer Pavel Areen (Chirkutt) is creating a new edition of the famous song “Purbo Digonte Shurjo Utheche”. Dalia Nausheen from Shadhin Bangla Betar Kendra, Syed Hasanur Rahman from Ark, Md. Zohad Reza Chowdhury from Nemesis, Tanzir Tuhin, Sharmin Sultana Shumi from Chirkutt and Sabrina Porshi are some of the singers that will grace the main performance.

Eligibility criteria

  • Proof of age, identity, and eligibility of participant must be furnished to Robi upon request (national ID, Passport, etc.). In case of the participant being younger than 18 years of age, consent from parents is required
  • Participant must be in Bangladesh legally during the campaign period as physical engagement is necessary.


The Program opens for online submissions of audio/video recordings on 4th November, 2021 and closes on 25th November, 2021, at 11:59 PM. All entries must be received by the Entry Deadline.

How to enter

Each participant (“Participant”) may submit their audio/video recordings online through the following:

Participants can submit their audio/video performance of the song “Purbo Digonte Shurjo Utheche” through Robi Facebook Messenger or can upload the audio/video on Facebook/ Instagram/Tiktok and put the hashtag #NotunShureBijoyer50 and Publish publicly on their Facebook timeline or Tiktok Account or Instagram Feed.. Participants can also message YouTube or Google Drive Link of their submission through Robi messenger

Each Participant may submit multiple submissions. Each submission must be original and unique.

Submission categories/themes

Participants can use the song to create creative contents or they can make singing/ dancing covers of the song by themselves.

Prohibited submissions

  • Anything which violates any prevailing laws and constitution of the country
  • Anything which infringes and/or violates the intellectual property rights of any third parties
  • Any kind of propaganda or campaign against liberation war, spirit of liberation war, father of the nation, national anthem or national flag
  • offensive, false or threatening recordings which may annoy, insult, humiliate or malign any person
  • Anything which hurts the religious values or sentiment
  • Any kind of defamatory information
  • Anything which creates enmity, hatred or hostility among different classes or communities of the society, or destroys communal harmony, or creates unrest or disorder, or deteriorates or advances to deteriorate the law and order situation
  • Hate/discriminatory/derogatory/vulgar speech/recordings of any kind
  • Any political statements

Robi reserves the right to reject any submission without assigning any reason whatsoever, if Robi, in its sole opinion, is of the view that such submission is in contravention of this document, or in conflict with any laws/regulations/guidelines/directives/policies, and/or against social norms.

Technical specifications of submission sound files

Audio/Video can be submitted with google drive, Youtube links or directly recorded using facebook messenger voice record/ video record option or directly attached file. The video format should be mp4 or mov. Audio format should be mp3.

Intellectual property rights (including copyrights) and no-objection-certificate (NOC)

  • By uploading or submitting any submission (audio/video) to the Program, the Participant grants Robi with unlimited non-exclusive right to keep the submission stored in Robi’s database and publish the submission in Robi’s Facebook/ Instagram/ YouTube/ Tiktok or other social media handles and/or in any other websites/platforms/applications, and to make the submissions available through the Program to the general public, so that the general public may access such submission and view/listen to them from time to time.
  • Robi is not bound to publish any submission that has been received.
  • By uploading or submitting any audio/video recordings to the Program, each Participant grants Robi the unfettered right to use such audio/video recordings for activities in all media, including social media, online and print, in relation to the Program and all promotional activities without any remuneration being due to such Participants.
  • Each Participant, by uploading/submitting any audio/video recordings to the Program, hereby confirms that he/she does not have any objection to Robi utilizing such audio/video recordings as detailed under this document, including but not limited to storing such audio/video recordings in any format, making such audio/video available and accessible by the general public through Bijoyer Shure Notun Experience Program’s website at and/or any other websites/platforms/applications, as well as for activities in all media, including social media, online and print, in relation to the Program and all promotional activities without any remuneration being due to such Participants.
  • By submitting any submission for the program/ campaign, Bijoyer Shure Notun Experience, participants agree to participate in all the participant engagement events of the program including but not limited to grooming session with selected participants and artists at a studio in Dhaka, participate in audio recording and video shoot of the song for Bijoyer Shure Notun Experience 2021, photo shoot for billboard and digital media campaign and use of the photos in Robi’s Bijoyer Shure Notun Experience Campaign, travel to pick up point/ shooting location for video shoot, take part in social media/ TV/ Radio live shows as directed by Robi, signing NOC for Robi, etc.


By submitting any audio/video recording(s) to the Program, each Participant hereby grants to Robi the right to publicize the Participant’s name, photograph, image, likeness, voice, video, statements, and biographical information for promotion purposes without compensation and without opportunity for further review.


Each video/audio recording submitted to the Program, in its entirety, must be an original work/ original cover of the Participant. By entering the Program, the Participant represents, acknowledges and warrants that he or she has full power and authority to enter the audio/video recording in the Program and that the audio/video recording does not infringe any copyright or violate any other intellectual property rights. The Participant agrees to indemnify Robi from any and all third-party claims arising from any audio/video recording(s) submitted by him or her. Robi has the right to disqualify the participants if it turns out that the participant of using works of others claiming the work as his/her own.

Limitation of Liability

Robi will not be liable/responsible for any audio/video recordings submitted by the Participants. Each Participant agrees to release and discharge, hold harmless and indemnify Robi, their employees, agents and representatives, officers and directors and their immediate families, successors and assigns, from and against any and all claims, actions, proceedings, and liability for any damages, expenses, fees, injury or losses sustained in connection with the Participant’s participation under the Program, and/or submission of audio/video recording(s) to the Program. While submission via facebook, facebook guideline must be followed.

Program decisions

All decisions of Robi are final and binding. Robi retains the sole discretion to make all decisions regarding the interpretation and application of these rules and acceptance or rejection of any audio/video recording submissions to the Program. Robi also reserves the right to delete or reject any audio/video recordings photographs, any contents related to it at a subsequent/later date/time, even if such audio recordings are initially accepted by Robi.

Acceptance of Rules, Terms and Conditions

By submitting any audio/video recording(s), each Participant will be deemed to have agreed to be bound by the terms and conditions and rules detailed in this document and Robi reserves the right to exclude any entry from the Program at any time and in its absolute discretion if Robi has reason to believe that an Participant has breached any terms and conditions, acted in violation of any laws, and/or acted fraudulently in any way or brings Robi into disrepute.

Reserved Rights

Robi reserves the right to cancel the Program or alter any of the rules at any stage, if deemed necessary in its opinion, and/or if circumstances arise outside of its control. If any Participant is unable to be contacted after reasonable attempts have been made, Robi reserves the right to exclude such Participant from the Program.


For information, please contact with us directly via Robi Facebook channel.