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Special discount offer for Robi Dhonnobad customers from Regent Airways

Dhaka, 7 Januray 2019: Robi high value customers can now enjoy up to 12% special discounts on base fare from Regent Airways while travelling to local and international destinations. The unique offer comes as part of Robi’s Dhonnobad program.

This offer will be applicable for tickets purchased from Regent Airways’ sales centres. In addition to the special discount, Regent Airways’s customers will also get complimentary coupon to avail special offers on Robi Roaming Service.

In this regard, Robi’s Vice President, Customer Lifecycle Management & International Business (CLM & IB), Biplav Majumdar and Regent Airways’s Chief Commercial Officer (CCO), Hanif Zakaria signed an agreement on behalf of their respective organizations recently at the Robi Corporate Office.

Robi’s Vice President, CLM & IB, Rafiqul Hoque, General Manager, IB, Manik Lal Das, Manager, Loyalty & Winback, Shahadat H Mazumder & Ahmed U Chowdhury and Regent Airways’s Director Marketing & Sales, Sohail Majid, and Assistant Manager, Brand & Marketing Samira Karim were also present on the occasion.