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Robi’s digital employee healthcare platform becomes role-model for Axiata

Dhaka, 3 August 2021: Robi’s innovative digital solution to keep tab of the well-being of its employees and their family members during the pandemic has been recognized as a role model by Axiata. Robi’s digital leadership has inspired a number of Axiata’s operating companies spread over different countries to adopt similar solutions.

Robi had developed an in-house digital healthcare platform where employees can submit the health status of themselves and their family members. On top of that, they can also hit the emergency button in case they need immediate support of any sort in response to which Robi’s HR team contacts them instantly. Based on the feedback received from the healthcare platform, HR team gets in touch with the employees who reported sick and/or in a risky condition.

The reports from the healthcare platform and the one-on-one check-ins are then summarized into a health dashboard that is discussed in the management meetings frequently to ensure that employees working from home during the pandemic along with their family members are in sound health.