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Robi starts paperless e-registration process from 1st of September

Dhaka, 6 September 2018: The leading digital service provider of the country, Robi, has implemented the Electronic Telecom Subscriber Acquisition Form (ETSAF) based paperless e-registration process from the 1st of September following the directive of BTRC.

The new e-registration process certainly marks yet another milestone in the country’s journey towards implementing the Digital Bangladesh vision. Robi welcomes the great initiative taken by the Government. While many countries around the world are still contemplating on how to use digital ID for citizens to establish their relationship with the state, Bangladesh, with the successful implementation of the paperless e-registration process has taken a commendable lead in this regard.

Robi feels that the new process has been streamlined with the touch of digitalization. Initially, our subscribers will enjoy the benefits of the new process while purchasing new SIM and for replacing their existing SIM. Other services like change of SIM ownership, mobile number portability will be done through e-registration process gradually.

Customers will be required to provide four basic information: NID number, full name, present address, date of birth, and biometric finger print to complete the e-registration process. The new process does not require the customers to submit photocopy of NID and photographs like before- adding to the level of convenience.

While it will benefit the customers in terms of added convenience and enhanced privacy, the move will significantly increase the efficiency of the entire telecom eco-system. Besides, since the new process is entirely paperless, it will immensely contribute towards ensuring a healthy environment around us, by stemming deforestation and reducing air and water pollution.