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Robi organizes workshop on parenting for its employees

Dhaka, 12 September 2019: Robi has recently organized a workshop on parenting for its employees. The main objective of the workshop was to enlighten the employees on how to instill self-esteem, confidence, adaptability in their children, and ensure overall success and well-being of their children through developing positive relationship with them.

The workshop was conducted by Zinia Jesmin Karim, Early Childhood Development Specialist. Robi employees along with their spouses attended the workshop held at the Robi Corporate Office. The workshop specifically emphasized on the importance for parents to spend quality time with their children in order to facilitate holistic development of their children.

Given the digital transformation taking place in the society, the participants were warned of the dangers of delayed brain development of the children if they are exposed to digital gadgets for prolonged period. As an alternative to keeping the children engaged, the workshop shared some innovative and joyful methods to cultivate a healthy relationship between the parents and children.