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Robi launches social awareness programme #CommonSense

Dhaka, 11 February 2019: The leading digital service provider, Robi, has decided to take a stand against the potential social malaise being facilitated by the increasing adoption of digital lifestyle in the country. With an aptly named social awareness programme, #CommonSense, Robi is making an appeal to the people for continuing to apply common sense as they become ever more sensitized with life in the digital domain.

Eminent academician on Bengali literature, activist of the language movement, proud freedom fighter and National Professor, Dr. Anisuzzaman, launched the programme at a city convention centre as the chief guest today.

Prothom Alo Editor Matiur Rahman and eminent actor and road safety activist Ilyas Kanchan were present at special guests.

Robi’s Managing Director and CEO, Mahtab Uddin Ahmed, Head of Corporate and Regulatory, Shahed Alam and Vice President, Media, Communication and Sustainability, Ekram Kabir were also present on the occasion.

Three awareness videos were unveiled at the launching ceremony. These videos uses appropriate dramatization of real-life scenarios where the perils of not checking the authenticity of a content before sharing them in social media, not keeping track of our children’s use of mobile phone and using mobile phone while driving is highlighted.

These videos will be promoted extensively over the coming days on various popular social media platforms.

In addition to the online awareness videos, Robi plans to organize a number of events on topics that deal with simple behavioural issues such as crossing roads while talking on phone, using mobile phone while socializing, talking loudly on mobile phone in public places, mobile phones ringing aloud suddenly at mosques, not taking permission of people before taking their photos on mobile phone and cautioning people to avoid traps set up by the online fraudsters.

Besides the online videos and activations, social media posts will be made using communications that are aimed at provoking introspection by individuals to review their conduct while enjoying digital lifestyle. Apt use of SMSs will also be made to drive home these messages. Going forward, #CommonSense will take up more topics to raise awareness on matters relating to digital lifestyle.

Reflecting on #CommonSense, chief guest of the programme, Dr. Anisuzzaman said: “The social order/norms that we consider to be old and archaic came into being long back to bring discipline in the society. When they were introduced, many considered them to be radical, just like today, many might find #CommonSense to be radical. But I consider programmes such as this one to be absolutely essential to bring discipline to the new social order being created by the increasing use of digital lifestyle. We can’t ignore technology, we just have to adapt. But we would need guidance, something #CommonSense can provide. I hope others in the industry is taking note and will also do their part in addressing these issues; otherwise, we are doomed as humanity.”

Prothom Alo’s Editor Motiur Rahman said, “I appreciate Robi for taking this initiative to raise awareness on mobile phones. I believe there are many other issues where lack of common sense is causing untold problems in the society. We look forward to working with Robi to address those issues.”

Robi’s Managing Director and CEO Mahtab Uddin Ahmed said: “As a company that promises to enable digital lifestyle for all for a better future, we can’t wash our hands from the responsibility of the negative social impacts due to the increasing use of digital devices in the society. Therefore, as a conscientious company, we decided to come up with the #CommonSense programme to address these very real life issues. We are determined to turn this platform into the moral compass in the society when it comes to adopting digital lifestyle. I thank Dr. Anisuzzaman for blessing us with his gracious presence on this auspicious occasion.”