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Robi launches ‘Pahela Boishakh’ campaign on Instagram

Dhaka, 11 April 2019: With a mission to let the world know about Pahela Boishakh, the first day of the Bengali New Year, the leading digital services provider of the country, Robi, has come up with a unique initiative named “Tomar tola chhobi te bishsho ke chenao Pahela Boishakh”.

The prime objective of this initiative is to demonstrate the celebration and cultural festivities of Pahela Boishakh through posting pictures on Instagram.

In order to be a part this campaign, what the photo enthusiasts need to do is to take pictures and post in Instagram with a set of hashtags like “Hello World, #meetBoishakh #travelgram #Pohela_Boishakh” on the day of Pahela Boishakh.

The campaign also aims to ensure that Pahela Boishakh trends in number 1 globally on Instagram on the event day.

Pahela Boishakh is celebrated with much fervor and enthusiasm by Bengalis all over the world on the 14th of April each year. Despite being one of the biggest and most significant Bengali festivals, the world knows little about it.

National celebrations like La Tomatina and Bull Fight of Spain, Carnival of Brazil, Songkran of Thailand are internationally accredited and acclaimed. Tourists visit the hosting nations to only be a part of those celebrations. In terms of cultural comparison and significance, Pahela Boishakh is no less than to these celebrations.

The campaign can help Bangladesh to represent itself to the world as a country of tourist attraction.