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Robi brings text-only version of Facebook and Discover features with Meta

Dhaka, 23 November 2021: Digital society in Bangladesh got a major boost with Robi unveiling text-only Facebook and Discover features for its customers in partnership with Meta. With these unique window to information super-highway, Robi’s data users now have the opportunity to stay connected to internet even if they don’t have any data balance.

Robi data users can switch to the text-only version of Facebook and Messenger once their data balance is exhausted, allowing them to stay connected until they top up their data balance. In addition, Robi customers can use Discover, a mobile web and Android app, to browse the internet using a daily balance of 15MB without data charges.

Discover only supports low-bandwidth features, such as, text and icons when using the daily balance of data. Using the free daily balance of data from Robi, customers can use Discover to browse the internet to access education, health, daily news, live sports updates, search for jobs, get weather updates and more.

Robi’s Acting CEO and CFO, M. Riyaaz Rasheed said, “I strongly believe that the text-based Facebook & Messenger and Discover App from Meta will fire up the digital appetite of the people of the country. I am sure these unique services from Meta will help bring a large swathe of people in to the fold of digital lifestyle who have thus far been left out of the digital revolution. It is our privilege to have the opportunity to collaborate with the Government and the Meta team to deliver these latest features to our customers.”

Paul Kim, Director of International Business Development and Operator Partnerships, APAC at Meta said, “Helping people stay connected and providing them with more consistent access to important digital resources such as education and health information is critical. Products such as text-only Facebook and Discover will help support expanded connectivity and access for people in Bangladesh.”