Robi Band officially launches its first titles

Dhaka, 8 April 2019: Bangladesh’s first CSR-based musical band, Robi Band, has officially released 4 songs in their Digital platform i;e Robi & Airtel Splash, Facebook and YouTube pages today. The digital release of the songs was launched at the Robi Corporate Office in Dhaka’s Gulshan area. Renowned musician, lyricists and composers of the country unveiled the songs for digital platform along with the presence of Robi high officials.

The title of the released songs are Amar Bangladesh, Orna, Uriye and Vul Truti.

The music videos of the songs are also available on the band’s Facebook and YouTube channels.

Robi Band had a humble start on the 24th November of 2017 through internal events and eventually went into different medium and exposures such as: Ayub Bachchu Tribute, Radio and digital channel live and so on. The band works in a modality which is quite unique and different from the traditional bands. It has no fixed line-up and any enthusiastic Robi employee who has a passion for music and knows the art can be a member of the band.

The reason for calling Robi band a Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR-based band is that the incomes, if any, of the band donates to different philanthropic activities. The very first earning of the band has already been contributed for the treatment of a Robi employee, fighting for life with brain tumor.

Robi band has developed its own practice pad and recording studio as a part of their employee engagement culture to arrange music practices for the band members and other interested employees. The band regularly performs on several festivities and events.

The band also regularly organizes classes on musical instruments like Guitar, Keyboard, Drums, Ukulele on weekly basis, teaching those to the children of the employees. Eventually the children of Robi employees also performed with the band that created huge enthusiasm and charm within the organization into perfection.

Since its inception, Robi band has participated in several internal and external events. The band has also participated on live shows on 2 radios.

Commenting on the occasion, Robi’s Managing Director and CEO, Mahtab Uddin Ahmed said: “I am very happy and proud to launch our very own musical band’s first songs. I believe these fresh songs will be well received by the music lovers of the country. As a band, Robi Band is engaged in CSR activities which makes the band members the Goodwill Ambassadors for the company. With this launch, we believe, Robi’s bonding with the society would be further strengthened. I urge to the other big corporates of the country to hire Robi Band for their internal events and thus take part of indirect CSR for the nation”.

Renowned lyricist Kabir Bakul; singer, lyricist and composer Shafiq Tuhin; lyricist Gulam Murshed; singer and composer Rafa, Pankaj and Kishore were present in the event.