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bdtickets offering exclusive offer for bKash, upay and IBBL Cellfin users

Dhaka, 20 September 2021: Country’s largest online ticketing service, bdtickets is offering up to 15% discount on purchase of tickets using digital payment systems, like- bKash, Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited’s (IBBL) Cellfin App and upay.

Customers can enjoy 15% discount while using the upay app for purchasing online tickets from bdtickets. A customer can enjoy the discount up to 300 taka with a maximum discount of 100 taka each time. To avail the offer, customers need to use ‘upay15’ discount code.

IBBL’s Cellfin app is offering 10% discount on payments through bdtickets which translates to a maximum of 50 taka discount for each purchase. The discounts can be enjoyed up to four times by a single user by using the ‘IBBL10’ discount code.

Besides the discounts, bKash is offering 10% cashback for purchasing tickets using bdtickets. The cashback can be enjoyed twice by an individual with a maximum cashback of 100 taka for each purchase.