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Axiata appoints Tan Sri Ghazzali as Chairman

Dhaka, 5 November 2018: Axiata Group Berhad (Axiata or the Company) has recently appointed its interim Chairman, Tan Sri Ghazzali Sheikh Abdul Khalid as the company Chairman. He has also been serving as the Chairman of Robi Axiata Limited since 2009.

Tan Sri Ghazzali is a long serving member of Axiata Board of Directors, having been appointed into the role in March 2008. He assumed the role of interim Chairman in August 2018 following the resignation of Axiata’s former Chairman, Tan Sri Datuk Wira Azman Hj. Mokhtar.

As part of the transformation over the last two years, the Axiata Board has made and will continue to make further changes to refresh and strengthen the Board with the right mix of skills, expertise and diversity in the areas of operations, international business, finance, technology and human capital. In 2017 and 2018 alone, as part of the plan and in a phased-in approach, new Board members have been appointed and some have retired.

Given all the changes and responding to the dynamic, fast-moving global digital business environment, Tan Sri Ghazzali’s appointment as Chairman, being the most senior and experienced member, ensures a smooth succession and transition to the Board as it embraces all the new changes in the Board, business and organisation.

As a notable and highly respected retired Malaysian diplomat with almost 40 years in the diplomatic services, Tan Sri Ghazzali is well-recognised for his unrelenting dedication in ensuring the highest levels of governance, process excellence and transparency.

In welcoming his appointment on behalf of all the board members and management, Tan Sri Jamaludin Ibrahim, President & Group Chief Executive Officer of Axiata said, “Since taking over the mantle of leadership of the Axiata Board, Tan Sri Ghazzali has demonstrated the highest standards of commitment and professional rigour in his role as interim Chairman. As a pioneer member of the Board since 2008, the Group has consistently benefited from Tan Sri Ghazzali’s broad corporate and international experience that has led to the rapid growth and expansion of Axiata across the region to what it is today, one of Asia’s leading telecommunications groups.”

“Many of us who have had the privilege and honour of working with Tan Sri Ghazzali are delighted to have him continue to lead the Axiata Board as our Chairman and look forward to his stewardship, valuable guidance and insights as Axiata embarks on its journey to become the New Generation Digital company”.

Tan Sri Ghazzali said, “I welcome the opportunity to further contribute to Axiata’s exciting future as the Group takes on new challenges in the region, particularly in leading the digital transformation of economies and in strengthening our resilience and competitive edge as long-term and committed investors in our markets.”

Tan Sri Ghazzali’s role as the Senior Independent Director of Axiata will be replaced by Mr David Lau Nai Pek, who is also the Chairman of the Board Audit Committee and Board Risk Management Committee.