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100 data experts qualify for Robi’s Datathon final round

Dhaka, 12 July 2022: A total of 100 data experts qualified for Robi’s Datathon final round. This is the second edition of datathon competition organized by Robi. More than 2,800 participants from 11 countries took part in the qualifying round held virtually. Date for the grand prize giving ceremony will be announced soon.

Divided into 25 teams, the 100 data experts will be fighting for 8.5 lakhs taka prize money in the final round. The champion, the first runner’s up and the second runner’s up will get two lakhs, 1.5 lakhs, and one lakh taka respectively. The best two data scientists and two data engineers will receive one lakh taka each.

Data scientists, data engineers, programmers, data community activists, mathematicians, statisticians, business analysts, IT professionals, and subject matter experts took part in the second edition of the datathon event. Big data and machine learning in identifying and solving problems was the focus of this edition of Datathon competition.

The second edition of Datathon is powered by ‘AWS’ (Amazon Web Services), ‘Huawei’ is the platinum sponsor and ‘Brain station’ is the cloud expertise partner.