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Robi Yonder Music app is the biggest library of local and international music. The new version 2.0 will give you more to enjoy. With easy one click log in, faster streaming and most exciting feature Video Karaoke for the first time in Bangladesh will give the best experience of Music Streaming.

To download the app click from your mobile here

The app can be accessed if Robi users have a paid Robi active internet pack. Social media package, video pack, free internet bundle package is not applicable.

To know details about Robi Internet Package Click :

Ignite The Music Within

With the Robi Yonder Music app, you can create a personalized listening experience with access to millions of songs to download, play and share. Want more? Discover new music with exclusive content and built-in discovery tools.

Song Stream

Your home screen that serves music from Robi Yonder Music users with similar preferences. Tracks and playlists are curated in real-time using social algorithms.

Magic Library™

A custom music collection tuned to your tastes. Robi Yonder Music includes your Favorites and a selection of related tracks. Content is continuously downloaded to your device for uninterrupted offline listening.

My Playlists

Find and save the music you love from Robi Yonder Music’s catalog of international and local artists. Build and share your own playlists. Or download other user’s playlists and edit to fit your tastes.

Share with Friends

Found a song you love? Share it with other Robi Yonder Music users or your friends on Facebook.


Trusted music influencers like Billboard and Rolling Stone curate and publish new playlists and charts. Follow these tastemakers to discover new content.


Every song and artist has dedicated listeners who are known as Heavy Hitters in the Robi Yonder Music community. Leaderboards display the Heavy Hitters and create a community based on shared listening preferences.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have an Android and iOS version of Yonder Music?
What are the minimum system requirements to install Yonder Music?
Where can I find the mobile app?
Do you have an Android and iOS version of Yonder Music?

- Yes we do. Yonder Music is currently available for authorized Android and iOS devices.

What are the minimum system requirements to install Yonder Music?

- For Android - 4.1 & higher and for iOS - 7.0 & higher.

- All devices must be authorized to access Yonder Music through Yonder directly or our network operator partners.

Where can I find the mobile app?

- Yonder Music is available in the Google Play Store and in the Apple App Store. Only authorized devices will be able to successfully access Yonder Music.

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