Robi Radio

Robi Radio is just like a pocket FM radio with the added convenience to choose from what one wants to hear, and that too whenever & wherever… Robi Radio is a personal, customized radio station which provides a plethora of songs of about every emotion and every genre.

It allows listeners to:
  •  Listen to full tracks
  • Dedicate songs to loved ones
  • Set favorite song as GoonGoon
  • Download ringtones
  • Create and listen to own/other users personalized play lists
  • Share favorite songs as your status on Facebook

Just call 8080 to listen to Robi Radio Nationwide- a radio that listens to you too!

Service Description

Being a subscriber, on dialing 8080, you can select the channel of your choice – Bangla, Hindi or English, whichever music you intend to hear. You can:-

  • Listen to you Favorite Songs Instantly: By creating your own playlist. Just Press 6 while listening to a song under Music Category; the song will be saved in your playlist right away.
  • Get the Ring Tones of the Latest Music: While listening to a song under Music Category, just press 7 then follow the instructions.
  • Set a song as GoonGoon: Now set your favorite songs as GoonGoon and surprise your callers. Dial 8080 and Press 4 while listening to a song under Music Category.
  • Dedicate a song: Dedicate full songs to your loved ones with a personal message and express yourself. Just dial 8080 and while listening to songs under Music Category, then Press 5 and follow the instructions.
  • Post on Facebook: While listening to songs under Music Category, if you wish to update your facebook status with the song name, you can simply press 7. The liked song will be updated on your facebook wall instantly.
  • Gift service: This is an exclusive feature wherein you can gift your free minutes on the service to your loved ones or you can gift the service altogether. In the main menu, you can press 7 to go to the gift box section and then follow the instructions.
  • Song Search over SMS: For searching any Song, User can simply send "SEARCH Song Name" to 8080.
  • Direct Access Code of each song: TOLL FREE direct access code of each song is available which any user can directly dial in order to listen to specific full song.
Terms & Conditions

Any Robi user can subscribe to Robi Radio by dialing the IVR short-code 8080 or can send “REG”/ “REG 5”/ “REG 10”/ “REG 20” to 8080.

Subscribers can also dial the USSD menu activate Robi Radio! Dial *8080#

Below are the pack details:-
Bundle Charge Validity (in days) Free Minutes
Pack 1 BDT 30 30 300
Pack 2 BDT 20 20 200
Pack 3 BDT 10 10 100
Pack 4 BDT 5 5 40
Pack 5 BDT 1 1 10

From now on, Friday is no more going to stay plain and simple. Now on each Friday, both existing and new users will get bonus on Friday just by dialing into Robi Radio and with no additional charges.

What is the bonus?
  • Radio subscribers dialing 8080 on Fridays will be given 50 additional free minutes
  • Non-subscribers of Radio who opt for subscription on Fridays will be given double minutes on whichever pack they subscribe to.

How to use?
  • In order to avail the offer, user should dial 8080 and follow the IVR instructions.
  • Radio subscribers, on dialing 8080, can avail the offer by pressing 1.
  • Non-subscribers of Radio, on dialing 8080, can avail the offer by choosing the desired pack for subscription. Automatically bonus double minutes will be added.

Things to remember
  • There will be no additional charges applicable to avail this bonus
  • No additional day validity will be added with the bonus minutes. Bonus minutes will be added in the existing validity date
  • This offer can only be availed on Friday

  • To deactivate the service, type “stop” or “1111” and send to 8080
  • Or dial *8080#

5% Supplementary Duty (SD) , 15 % VAT on tariff inclusive of SD and 1% surcharge on base tariff will be applicable.

  • Robi/authority reserves the right to change, modify, cancel/terminate/stop this competition/contest/ quiz/campaign without assigning any reason whatsoever
  • Any decision in relation to the contest/ campaign/competition given by the Authority/Robi shall be considered and or construed as full and final
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