Robi TV

Robi TV consists of Live TV channels and Video on Demand (VOD) that are directly streamed onto your mobile devices. You can select from an exhaustive list of 40+ Live TV and VOD Channels. Now you can watch your favorite local and international channels on your mobile anytime, anywhere. The channel list will keep growing and you will always have something new to discover on Robi TV.

Along with Robi TV packs, Robi users can subscribe to “Spotainment pack”. This Pack consists of Gazi TV and Exclusive Video Contents. Now Robi Sports & Entertainment loving Customers can only subscribe to this pack to watch Gazi TV live & & enjoy all sporting events live telecasted there. There will be available videos on sports and movies content too.

How to use:
Using the Android App:
  • Download Robi TV Android app from and install in your mobile device.
  • Open the Android App and accept terms and conditions to reach the home page.
  • Go to settings and choose your subscription pack and you’re ready to go.

Using Mobile Site:
  • Open your browser and type to reach the homepage of Robi TV.
  • Click on any TV channel to start watching. Before you can watch you will be asked to subscribe for a suitable pack.

How to get Robi TV Link?
Access Channel Process
SMS Write START TV and send to 21201

Subscription Tariff:
Sl. Item Discounted Tariff (For auto-renew packs) Regular Tariff (For Non-auto renewal packs) Validity Subscriber Benefits
1 Daily pack BDT 7 BDT 10 1 Day Users can enjoy all available channels
2 Weekly pack BDT 25 BDT 35 7 Days
3 Fortnightly pack BDT 45 BDT 55 15 Days
4 Monthly pack BDT 60 BDT 70 30 Days
5 Spotatainment Daily Pack BDT 5 BDT 10 1 Day Users will be able to  enjoy Gazi TV & exclusive sports contents
6 Spotatainment Weekly Pack BDT 20 BDT 30 7 Days

Special Note:
  • Robi TV users will be able to watch unlimited content at anytime from anywhere.
  • Standard Data Charge will be applicable while watching Robi TV & recorded content.
  • If user subscribes with any Auto renewal pack, they will get discounted tariff than non-renewal packs.
  • One user can be subscribed in both regular and Spotainment Pack, one from regular pack & one from Spotainment pack at a time (either renewal or non-renewal)
  • Non-renewal pack will be auto cancelled & user needs to subscribe again to watch TV, whether renewal pack will be auto renewed after ending the given validity period.
  • 5% Supplementary Duty (SD), 15% VAT on tariff inclusive of SD and 1% surcharge on base tariff will be applicable.
  • No SMS charge will be applicable.

How to subscribe?
  • SMS – Send START TV to 21201 and get the Robi TV link. Click the link and go the homepage, then choose the subscription pack to subscribe.
  • Mobile site – Go to, at the bottom of the site click on Packs and select any Pack to subscribe.
  • Android App – Search Robi TV from Google Play store, download the app, go to Settings, select Packages and subscribe any pack.

How to unsubscribe?
  • SMS – Send STOP TV to 21201 for cancelling the regular or premium pack. For cancelling Spotainment pack, send STOP SPORTS to 21201.
  • Mobile site – Go to Menu> My Pack> Unsubscribe.
  • Android App – Go to Settings> Packages> Unsubscribe.

How many channels are available under Spotainment pack, Robi TV packs?
Spotainment Pack

Gazi TV Live

Video Contents of various category

Robi TV Pack
1 Star Plus 31 ActionPlus
3 Star Jalsha 32 AutoTV
4 Star Movies 33 INFashion
5 Zee Bangla 34 DJ Box
7 Gaan Bangla 35 TravelXPHD
8 B4U Music 36 Madina TV*
9 B4U Movies 37 Yoga TV
10 SangeetBangla 38 Zoomin Animal
11 SomoyTV 39 Food paradise
12 MaasrangaTV 40 Zoomin Science
14 Channel9 41 Zoomin Spotainment
15 Ten Spotainment 42 Lets Laugh
16 Spotainment Channel 1    
17  Spotainment Channel 2   * Event Specific
18 Banglavision    
19 ATNBangla    
20 BoishakhiTV    
21 E24    
22 WIN TV    
23 DeshTV    
24 ATNNews    
25 Channeli    
26 IndependentTV    
27 EkattorTV    
28 Macca Channel*    
29 Movie Buzz    
30 9XM    

How to Purchase Packs:
  • Android App: Go to Settings>Packages>Select Pack
  • Mobile Site: At the bottom of the site click on Packs>Select Packs

Help and Support

First Level Support:

Support Email:


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