Robi is introducing most affordable Postpaid pack to our valued Robi subscribers.

Robi subscribers can have the full freedom to choose/purchase their preferred bundle with exclusive postpaid features

Robi-Robi/Airtel Robi-others
(local call)
Local SMS (Taka/SMS) Pulse
Tk 0.25/min
(24 hours)
Tk 0.6/min
(24 hours)
0.25 1 second

TK 398 Bundle Information

  • SIM FREE Upon Purchasing TK 398 Bundle
Bundle Price (BDT) excl. SD, SC & VAT Local Min Internet Local SMS Other Free Services* Validity (days) Usage time band Purchase code (dial & follow the instruction)
398 600 4 GB 100 512 MB WhatsApp, iFlix  30 24hrs *123*3*4#

TK 150 Bundle Information

  • Or Robi existing postpaid bundle offer @ BDT150 (excl. govt. levy) (300 on-net mins & 120 off-net mins with 30 days validity)
Bundle Price (BDT)
excl SC, SD and VAT
On-net minutes Off-net minutes Usage time Band Validity (days) Bundle Purchase Code Bundle Query Code
150 300 120 24 hours 30 *123*50*6*1# SMS:
*123*50*6*2# SMS:
  • No Security deposit
  • No Line rent
  • BDT 500 credit Limit
  • Biometric Registration is mandatory
  • Utility bills/ driving license/passport copy / will be required for validating address/ holding numbers.
  • TK 398 Bundle balance query code: *123*30# and follow the instructions (Free)
  • Activation Bonus 100 Local SMS will be for each month till further notice. Unused SMS will not be adjusted with next bill cycle.
  • TK 398 Bundle minutes/SMS will be applicable only for local calls/local SMS & package-wise pulse will be applicable.
  • Other free services of TK 398 bundles are: WhatsApp. Each service will have 512 MB max
  • After consumption of the TK398 bundle or 150tk bundle items (i.e. minutes/data/SMS in applicable cases) package-wise tariff & pulse will be applicable.
  • Bundle minutes & SMS can’t be used in IDD & short code etc. Also bundle items cannot be transferred.
  • IDD: Regular IDD tariff (i.e. SMS and calls) will be charged along with respective pulse.
  • At the end of expiry of bundle items, unused bundle minutes & SMS will be forfeited. And DATA will carry forward for purchasing selected bundles for 6 months (mentioned in below tables) within validity and by using validity booster.
Volume & Validity Bundle Price (BDT) excl. SD, VAT & SC Purchase Method (USSD) Plan  Name
1 GB for 30 Days 175 *123* 102430# 1GB Post 30D
2 GB for 30 Days 264 *123* 204830# 2GB Post 30D
3 GB for 30 Days 377 *123* 307230# 3GB Post 30D
4.5 GB for 30 Days 499 *123* 460830# 4.5GB Post 30D
Bundle Price (BDT) excl. SD, VAT & SC Talk time (all local number) Internet (GB) SMS
(all Local Number
Other Free Services* Validity (days) Usage time band Purchase code (dial & follow the instruction)
398 600 4 GB 100 WhatsApp, iFlix 30 24hrs *123*3*4#
798 1200 8 GB 100 WhatsApp, iFlix  30 24hrs *123*3*4#
1498 2400 24 GB 100 Facebook, WhatsApp, iFlix 30 24hrs *123*3*4#
  • To Avail PPU block facility;
    • To enjoy PPU internet: *8444*9992*2#
    • To Stop PPU features: *8444*9992*1#
  • DATA PPU charge will be 50p/MB (excluding SD, VAT and SC)
  • Unused local bonus SMSs and bundle items will not be carried forwarded to next bill cycle.
  • To get doorstep service; please call 123 or 01819400400
  • 5% Supplementary Duty (SD), 15% VAT on tariff inclusive of SD, and 1% surcharge on tariff will be applicable
  • Campaign duration: Till further notice

For More Details: FAQ

  • Robi/authority reserves the right to change, modify, cancel/terminate/stop this competition/contest/ quiz/campaign without assigning any reason whatsoever
  • Any decision in relation to the contest/ campaign/competition given by the Authority/Robi shall be considered and or construed as full and final
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