1. What is Smart Home & Enterprise offerings?

Ans.: Robi Prepaid & SME subscribers will get 1GB for mobile data and Unlimited fixed Internet (after 100 GB home internet usage, speed will be throttled to 512 kbps) within 30 days’ validity and dedicated 4 mbps speed.

Promotional Offer for limited time:
Combo Bundle Vol. Validity Speed Charge
(Excl. Tax)
Mobile Internet 1 GB 30days Regular 999
Home Internet Unlimited* 30days 4 Mbps

Regulart offer :
Combo Bundle Vol. Validity Speed Charge (Excl. Tax)
Mobile Internet 1 GB 30days Regular speed 1299
Home Internet Unlimited* 30days
  1. Mbps

2. How can I avail this offer?

Ans.: In order to avail this offer, you need to have a Robi/ Airtel connection. To avail the offer, please call 01885020304 or 01637551155. SME subscribers also can contact with their respective KAM.

3. Where should I call if I have any query?

Ans.: For further questions, please call Smart home offer hotline numbers 01885020304 or 01637551155.

4. For Mobile Internet, how will I know about my usage?

Ans. You will get usage notifications of 50%, 80% & 100%.

5. Is there any volume booster pack for this offer?

Ans.: For fixed (Home/Enterprise) Internet there is no volume booster pack but for mobile internet you will get below volume booster packs:

Volume Price
(Excl. Tax)
(incl. Tax)
1 GB 149 181.41
5 GB 449 546.66
10 GB 749 911.91

6. How can I avail mobile volume booster packs?

Ans.: Just dial *8444*5# for mobile volume booster.

7. For Home Internet, how will I know about my usage?

Ans.: You will get one SMS notification when 100 GB home internet is consumed. After that, you can use connection with a compromised speed of 512Kbps speed.

8. For Home Internet, when will I know that my usage will be expired?

Ans.: Your package validity period is 30 days. You will get notification SMS one day prior to the expiration date and another SMS notification right after expiry.

9. For Home internet, what should I do if I do not get connection?

Ans.: Firstly, check if your device is connected to the internet, follow the following basic troubleshoot guideline.:

  • Click
  • Go to Connection Mode
  • Put username and password under domain “smarthome.com.bd” 
  • Press “Connect” Button
  • Then press “Reboot”
  • Modem will connect automatically
  • Default WiFi Username/Password: Qubee_Playground/playtodiscover   

If the problem persists, please call Smart Home hotline number 01885020304 or 01637551155

10. How can I change my default WiFi User ID and Password?

Ans.: Please follow the steps given below:

  • Click
  • Default WiFi Username/Password: Qubee_Playground/playtodiscover
  • Go to Settings>Network>WiFi Configuration
  • Go to “Network Name”  to change User ID> “Network Key” to change Password

11. If I recharge after expiration date, what would happen?

Ans.: You need to recharge the package within the validity period to avail the remaining volume of Home Internet and mobile data (excluding mobile data booster). Otherwise, the remaining data will not be carried forward.

Other important notes:

  • Customer will require to call the hotline number and after proper assurance of speed and quality of service at customer’s premises, Qubee representative will deliver and install the device.
  • Customer can purchase the product through existing Robi/Airtel Number (which is active)
  • Or customer have to purchase a new Robi/Airtel connection
  • For WiFi Modem, Customer need to deposit BDT5400 for new device or BDT2000 for recycle device (REFUNDABLE).
  • Initial payment over cash is possible
  • It’s not possible to active Smart Home & Enterprise offers by dialing USSD codes without purchase WiFi modem
  • Mobile pack will active instantly & Home pack will be activated within 72 hours of request
  • For booster pack dial *8444*5#
  • This package will not be available through WIC and retail channel.
  • *After consumption of 100 GB data speed for home internet will be throttled to 512 Kbps.
  • Helpline tariff will be 50paisa+(Taxes)/ min with 10 sec pulse & govt. levy will be applicable.
  • Powered by QUBEE
  • Offer is currently applicable for Dhaka & Chittagong region.

Coverage availability of QUBEE network: Click Here

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