Essential Short Code

To get essential service let us know some below short codes which are absolutely free. Get your desire services without any stress & support from agents.

IVR Direct Dialing short Code   Services
1231 Available Balance(prepaid)/Due Balance(Postpaid)
1237 All Value Add Service Stop
12312 Last 5 charges information
12313 Last 3 days charges summery (Postpaid)
12313 Jhotpot Balance (Prepaid)
12351 Goongoon status/active/deactivate
12353 Radio status/active/deactivate
12355 Call Block status/active/deactivate
  • Robi/authority reserves the right to change, modify, cancel/terminate/stop this competition/contest/ quiz/campaign without assigning any reason whatsoever
  • Any decision in relation to the contest/ campaign/competition given by the Authority/Robi shall be considered and or construed as full and final
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