Twitter over USSD

Twitter over USSD’ provides users an opportunity to stay connected to the latest developments locally and globally in the world without any handset and data dependency.


Subscription fee:

2.44TK for Daily (Auto Renew) subscription

8.52TK for Weekly (Auto Renew) subscription

To subscribe:

Through SMS: Type START TW to 16477 for Daily Subscription

Type START TWW to 16477 for Weekly Subscription

Through USSD:dialing *16477*1# and select either daily or weekly plan

To unsubscribe:

Through SMS: Type “STOP TW TO 16477”.

Through IVR: Dial *16477*22# (only when you are subscribed)

Terms & Conditions:

  • USSD Twitter is a Read Only service which doesn’t require any login or account creation.
  • VAT, SD & SC included