Robi TV Plus

Name of the Service: Robi TV+ is a cool local Movie store with new blockbuster films and exciting movie treasures, everything can be watched online! For those of us looking to discover something different, Robi TV+ has over 1000 movies, telefilm, TV show episodes and exclusive content. There is something to watch for everyone! Below are the content categories-

  • Live TV ( local & International)
  • Blockbuster Movie
  • Premium Movie
  • Short Film
  • Telefilm
  • Drama
  • Drama Serial
  • CatchUp TV
  • Target Base : All Robi internet Customers
  • Access Mode : Web & APP
  • Service Brief 
    SLList Of PackagesPriceAuto Renewal
    1Daily PackBDT 10 (+VAT+SD+SC) per dayYes
    2weekly PackBDT 30 (+VAT+SD+SC) per weekYes
    3Monthly PackBDT 99 (+VAT+SD+SC) per MonthYes
  • How to Subscribe: 
    Web Subscription- User can subscribe into this service by clicking on subscribe button available in the portal and App.
    Link for Robi:
    User can download Robi TV+ APP from google play store.
  • How to Unsubscribe: 
    WAP & App Unsubscription- User can unsubscribe from this service by clicking on unsubscribe button available in the Portal and App
  • What user will get after subscribing to the service: 
    User would be able to Watch Blockbuster full-length Movies, Telefilm, Documentaries and Short film all on mobile phone, tablet, in anywhere. Independent movies, Live TV shows And documentaries. New movies are added every month.
  • What is Robi TV+? 
    Robi TV+ is an ‘all in One App’ streaming service that allows Robi customers to watch live TV, plus a wide variety of TV shows, movies, documentaries and more. It has both freemium (selected content list) and premium (exclusive content list) subscription policy to cater a diverse audience pool with various taste and preferences.
  • What is Robi TV+ Premium? 
    Robi TV+ Premium is the exclusive segment of Robi TV+ for Robi Users only. Robi TV+ Premium offers popular Live TV channels, Latest Movies, and Robi TV+ Exclusive Originals. These contents are only accessible with an active Robi SIM & an active subscription or data pack purchase.
  • How can I enjoy Robi TV+ services? 
    Anyone can enjoy the service through subscription on Web at or on Robi TV+ app by downloading it from Google Playstore. An active Robi SIM is required for all content, and premium content requires an additional subscription or Robi TV+ specific data pack purchase.
  • Who is eligible for the service? 
    Anyone who has an active Robi connection and has access to a computer or mobile phone is eligible for Robi TV+.
  • On what devices is Robi TV+ available? 
    The Robi TV+ Android application is currently available on Android Devices and Robi TV+ website can be used from any mobile or desktop-based browser.
  • What type of content is available on Robi TV+? 
    Robi TV+ offers its users popular local & international Live TV experience with a rich collection of the latest movies, dramas, and serials.
  • What benefit do I get out of logging in? 
    Logging in to Robi TV+ and subscribing to a plan will enable access to all the eligible Robi TV+ content. It also helps to detect if the user is eligible to watch Robi TV+ Exclusive contents.
  • Do I have to subscribe to a plan to use Robi TV+? 
    No, free content is available on the Robi TV+ platform, but you need to subscribe to one of the available plans to watch premium Robi TV+ content.
  • What benefit do I get out of subscription? 
    Upon successful subscription, you will get unlimited access to Robi TV+ content during the subscription period. Robi TV+ Exclusive and Subscription are available inside Bangladesh only.
  • Is there any charge for subscription? 
    The subscription charge will depend on your selected plan. There are multiple plans available for your convenience. Each subscription has a different charge/price tag related to it which is mentioned in the description.
  • How do I subscribe? 
    If you are logged in successfully, you will be prompted to pay for a subscription if you try to access premium content. Follow these instructions.
    Step 1: Select your desired subscription plan for the options
    Step 2: Select/deselect auto renewal option from the plan detail section
    Step 3: Complete the payment by providing necessary information
  • What is auto renewal? 
    Auto renewal is an option to automatically renew your selected plan at the end of every cycle. You can select or deselect this option during the subscription process or anytime from the Profile Page.
  • How do I log back into Robi TV+? 
    If for some reason you are logged out, simply open the application with the SIM card you have used previously, and you will be logged back in.
  • How do I unsubscribe? 
    You can unsubscribe anytime from your Profile page. You will no longer have an active subscription after the current subscription period end. You can subscribe again following the process described above.
  • Where do I get the program guide of a channel? 
    The EPG (Electronic Program Guide) can be found to the right of the video player on the web and below the video player in the app.
  • How accurate is the program guide? 
    EPG is subject to change without any prior notice from the channel authority and accuracy of it entirely depends on the program scheduling of the channel.
  • Why am I facing issues playing videos? 
    Please check your internet connection. You can also send a screenshot to clarify the issue to
  • Where do I post queries and complaints?
    For queries and complaints, please mail to
  • Is Robi TV+ available on iPhone or as an Apple TV app? 
  • Can I watch videos on TV with Chromecast? 
    Currently this feature is supported on selected devices. To check for availability, look for the chromecast icon at the top right corner of the video.
  • On how many devices can I log into the same account to watch Robi TV+? 
    Up to three devices using the same account.
  • What is catch-up? How can I play a TV show that I missed? 
    The catch-up feature allows you to play back any TV show, as long as it is available from the channel you are watching. You can use this feature from the channel’s EPG (Electronic Program Guide). After going to your desired TV channel, go to the channel EPG. Look for the show you want to watch and click on the replay icon. Note: Catch up feature is available on selected channels only.
  • Why do I see a loading/counter animation after clicking the desired catch-up? 
    Sometimes it takes time to fetch the record and display your desired catch-up show. If you see this happening, please wait till Robi TV+ finishes loading the recorded version.
  • How can I pay for Robi TV+? 
    Currently Robi TV+ supports only mobile data and top-up for subscriptions.
  • Are there any additional fees associated with the subscription fee? 
    Robi TV+ only charges for the mentioned subscription fee, which may include taxes.