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Easy Menu

Introducing " Easy Menu " a groundbreaking service under which by dialing only a single number *140# - you can browse & avail the Value Added Services like Robi GoonGoon, Missed Call Alert, Cricket Update, Postpaid Bill Information and many other Infotainment based services.

Follow the simple steps given below:

How to Use Easy Menu
Step 1Dial *140# Below menu will appear on the screen displaying the Value Added Services & their respective service number.
Easy Menu: 1. GoonGoon 2. Mobile assistance 3. Entertainment 4. Postpaid Bill 5. FnF & Partner 6. Balance Transfer 7. GPRS/EDGE 8. Information 9. Reward
Step 2Choose the service number of your desired Value Added Service.
Step 3Press Answer/select and type the service number of your desired Value Added Service & send it.
Step 4You will receive a sub-menu. Then type your required information number & send it.
Step 5You’ll receive a reply SMS notification with the required information.

Enjoy FREE menu browsing!

  • Enjoy FREE menu browsing
  • Standard tariff applicable for subscription based Value Added Services
  • Standard SMS charge applicable - Conditions apply