Robi ACE

Get Robi ACE today and enjoy bundle of offers over a period of time.

Why Robi ACE

Lowest Call rate


No Line Rent

Absolutely Zero Line Rent, No conditions!

1 Second Pulse

1 sec pulse to any net!

No Security deposit

No mandatory security deposit

Credit Balance

BDT 200 Credit Balance

Special Bundle

Make Tk 96 First Recharge and enjoy 80 Min & 3 GB Internet for 15 Days

Special Offer

Enjoy 165 Min, 3.5 GB + 1 GB 4G, 200 SMS at Tk 198 for 30 Days

Activation Bonus

1 GB 4G for 30 days up to six months

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Explore Robi ACE

Postpaid Packages

ACE Bundle

ACE Bundle

Prepaid Migration

Prepaid Migration

Call Rate Offer

Call Rate Offer

Bundle Offer

Bundle Offer

Bill Pay

Bill Pay

  • You can become Robi ACE Subscriber by visiting nearest Robi Customer Care (WIC) or around your Retail Point
  • New ACE Connection Price is BDT 200
  • You can increase your usage limit at any amount by visiting nearest WIC
  • You can enjoy uninterrupted service until you reach your usage limit, once usage limit exhausted your outgoing calls will be barred, but you can still receive calls
  • Once you pay any amount of bill your connection will be unbarred immediately
  • Pay bill at any Retail Point/visiting Robi Customer Care (WIC) by recharging any amount or bill amount, you will be notified immediately through SMS
  • Bill Payment is much easier when you do online (through MFS Balance, Card or Online banking):
       - Robi Website: Visit Robi website and on home screen put your number and amount – you are all set.
       - MyRobi App: On home screen Tap on “Pay Now” and follow onscreen instruction.
       - Messenger App (search Robi): Message us “Bill Payment” and follow onscreen instructions
       - MFS/Banking Apps: You can also Pay bill from bKash App/USSD, Rocket App, Nexus Pay, CityTouch, SC App.
  • You can enjoy range of bundle offers that comes with data only, voice only or sms only, also you can enjoy ACE Bundles that comes with combo of all usage; be assured – you will get the best price (find our ACE Bundles Click here)
  • Add your valid email ID to get monthly bill right at your inbox on every bill date
  • Get 5% waiver on monthly bill upon tagging your credit card for auto debit
  • Robi Authority reserves the right to change, modify, cancel/terminate/stop tariff plan and other charges.
  • You are entitled to use your connection within your usage limit (sum of credit limit & Security Deposit if any), upon full consumption of your limit you will face bar to use the connection. You can recharge/bill pay any amount to unbar your connection.
  • Taxes applicable on all rates: 15% Supplementary Duty (SD), 15% VAT on tariff inclusive of SD and 1% surcharge on base tariff.
  • Check Due Bill: *1#
  • Check Bundle Packs: *0#
  • Check Local Minutes: *222*8#
  • Check Internet Balance: *3#
  • Purchase Internet Pack: *4#
  • Check Available Credit Limit: *222*666#
  • What is Robi ACE?
    - Robi ACE is Postpaid solution offering lowest flat call rate to any operator 45paisa/min (+taxes) with 1 second pulse, convenient monthly combo ACE bundles along exciting offers.
  • Where can I buy Robi ACE Connection?
    - Visit any nearest Robi Customer Care (WIC) or Retail Point around you to buy Robi ACE Connection.
  • What other benefit will I get from Robi ACE?
    - You will enjoy 100 SMS/month as our esteemed ACE Subscriber and upon consumption of bonus SMS 25p/SMS charge only. Moreover, you can enjoy the most affordable Robi ACE Bundles tailored for you.
       - ACE Bundle 398 – 4 GB + 4 GB 4G, 550 min, 100 SMS, 30 days – dial *0*2# to buy
       - ACE Bundle 798 – 8 GB + 8 GB 4G, 1200 min, 100 SMS, 30 days – dial *0*2# to buy
       - ACE Bundle 1498 – 24 GB + 24 GB 4G, 2400 min, 100 SMS, 30 days – dial *0*2# to buy
  • Are there any taxes applicable with the rates and bundle price?
    - As per regulatory, there are 15% SD, 15% VAT on tariff inclusive of SD and 1% Surcharge on base tariff applicable on your call rate and above three bundles.
  • Is there any line rent?
    - No, there is no line rent.
  • How much credit limit will I get?
    - You will get BDT 200 credit limit.
  • How much do I have to pay to buy Robi ACE?
    - Only BDT 200 is required to buy Robi ACE (Postpaid) Connection.
  • Do I mandatorily have to have Security Deposit?
    - No, but you can add security deposit as per your requirement which is refundable as if you want.
  • Where can I add security deposit?
    - You can add security deposit from any of Robi Walk-In Center/Customer Care.
  • How would I know my available usage limit?
    - Your usage limit are sum of credit limit and security deposit (if any) on particular date from bill date. You can check your available usage limit by dialing *222*666#
  • How can I see my due bill?
    - To know your due bill simply dial *1#
  • Where do I pay bill?
    - You can pay bill at any nominated
       - Recharge point
       - Robi Customer Care/Walk-In Centre (WIC)
    In addition, you can pay bill through:
       - MyRobi App (Home Screen > Tap on “Pay Now” > Select “Total Due/Any Amount” > Tap again on “Pay Now” > Select Payment method “bKash/Card/Bank/Mobile Banking” > Follow the onscreen process
       - Facebook Messenger Bot (Go to your messenger > Search “Robi” > Write “Postpaid Bill” and Send > Follow Onscreen Instruction to complete your transaction
       - Robi Website ( (Home screen > Recharge and Postpaid Bill Payment > Put your number and amount > Click on “Recharge” buttom > Follow onscreen instructions
  • Will I get any loyalty discount?
    - Based on your age in network and usage/month, you can enjoy loyalty discount across thousands of outlet/corporate partners, to know more please visit our dhonnobad page.
  • Can I get monthly invoice in my mail?
    - Yes, update your email address visiting your nearest Robi Customer Care to get monthly bill on your inbox at bill date.
  • What happen when I consume my usage limit?
    - Upon consumption of your usage limit, your outgoing call will be barred until you pay bill. You will not be able to call/text.
  • How do I unbar my number when it is barred for not paying bill?
    - Pay any amount of bill (recommended to pay whole bill amount) to unbar immediately.
  • Can I use my same number while I visit abroad?
    - Yes, Robi offers the best in class, affordable range of Roaming Options. Also, as Robi ACE Subscriber you can enjoy default Roaming Service but you need to activate before leaving for another country. You can also avail roaming service at our Airport Service Desk/City AMEX Lounge.
  • What happen if I am delayed to pay bill?
    - You can continue using your connection until you fully consume your usage limit (sum of credit limit and security deposit).
  • How can I pay bill through my credit card/debit card?
    - You can tag your card to auto debit your bill amount. Visit your nearest WIC and tag your VISA/Master/Amex card (Credit/Debit) to enable auto debit of your bill. Follow steps below:
       - Take photocopy of your Card both side with signature
       - Go to your nearest Robi Customer Care (WIC)
       - Fill up Auto Debit Instruction form
       - Submit to our service agent to complete the instruction
    Your bill amount will automatically be adjusted within 2/3 days of your bill date. Hence, you are all set to worry free experience

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