Life Plus is a complete health and wellness solution. Our vision is to become the largest online wellness marketplace that connects the ecosystem of health, nutrition & fitness with the most needed and serve the mass.

Life Plus services includes – Doctor/Nutritionist/Gym Trainer consultation through video & chat, Fitness contents, Personalized Diet charts, regular walk & fitness related challenges where customer have the opportunity to win rewards.

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1. How can a customer download Life Plus app?

2. Who can subscribe or avail life plus services?

  • Any customer with internet(wifi or mobile) & a smart phone can subscribe to lifeplus app regardless of operator.

3. How can a customer subscribe ?

  • Non Robi/Airtel users can subscribe paying 25taka for a week’s subscription. Customer can pay using any mobile wallet(MFS, Rocket) or any Bank Cards.
  • Robi & Airtel Users will be able to subscribe using their mobile balance. 3taka/day and 25taka/week, inclusive of all vat, sd, sc. Subscription is auto renewable.

4. What will a free user get?

  • Free customers can set personal goals “From Pick a goal”
  • Free users will get weekly health tips via in app notification
  • Free users can access covid-19 section to know more about the virus
  • Free users can access consultants to book a video seesion.

5. What will subscribers get?

  • Unlimited chat access with medical experts (Doctors, Nutritionists & Gymnasium Trainers)
  • Full video consultation access to Doctors, Nutritionists & Gymnasium Trainers. For video consultation booking customers will have to pay Doctors, Nutritionists & Gymnasium Trainers fee. (Fee for video consultation may vary upon experts)
  • Report review access with medical experts
  • Daily health and wellness tips
  • Health & Wellness Blog and Personalized diet program
  • 5 coins per weekly subscription and 50 coin for consecutive 4 week subscription.
  • Insurance coverage for weekly pack users.
  • And many more health & wellness related contents that comes each month.

6. Can a customer select preferred doctor from an available list?

  • Yes, customers can choose an expert after seeing their profile

7. What is the life plus challenge?

  • Currently there is no challenge ongoing. We will update when we launch a new one.

8. What basic services customers can get from Doctors?

  • They can consult over chat/video and review their medical reports for 2nd opinion

9. How does booking a consultation work ?

  • Consultation booking is on first come first serve basis.
  • Customer can book the earliest doctor available and consult.
  • After booking a consultation the doctor/expert will call back
  • Call will take place within the life plus application

10. What is the wellness dashboard ?

  • LifePlus app will collect customers daily step data if a subscriber connects his google fit app with life Plus

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