Hello Story

Now we can share our daily-life stories with our friends & family just by calling each other.

Hello Story, is an innovative enhancement of Robi Axiata Ltd. which enables Robi user to enjoy the video story they share with single person or a certain group while their phone is ringing. New business, fun-moments etc can be shared & promoted through this innovation.

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What is a Hello Story?

Hello Story is s a new ring back tone personalization service that allows you to replace the standard ringtone on your Robi mobile number with a Video for your callers to enjoy before you answer the phone.

Using Hello Story: Signing up and managing your account

How does Hello Story work?

Upon registration, when you select a Video it is stored on our servers unlike regular ring tones which are stored in your mobile phone's memory. When calls are received, the network recognizes you as a subscriber to the Hello Story service and the selected Video is played to your callers.

Is there a charge for the Hello Story service?

There is a charge for using the Hello Story service. There is a daily, monthly and yearly service subscription options.

If you are a prepaid subscriber, the subscription fees will be deducted from airtime. If you are a postpaid subscriber you will pay the same amount but it will included in your bill.

  • Daily subscription: [5 TK] + (VAT+SD+SC)
  • Weekly subscription: [25 TK] + (VAT+SD+SC)
  • Monthly subscription: [75TK] + (VAT+SD+SC)

How do I activate the Hello Story service?

In order to activate Hello Story you will have to Installing the Mobile application (Android) and register to the service.

How do I register to the Hello Story service?

Following your activation to the service, Install the mobile app and follow the below procedure:

  • Fill in your name, Phone number and Password
  • Click Submit button. If there is a missing field, the app should notify you to fill all mandatory fields before proceeding.
  • Accept the terms and conditions of the app.
  • An automatic verification code will be sent for the validation of the authentication.
  • Select the preferred service plan (daily/weekly/biweeklyy/yearly).
  • Click pay the subscription fees.

What are the Ring Back Tone service features?

Hello Story allows Robi subscribers to:

  • Set a single video RBT for all callers
  • Set a default video RBT
  • Set multiple picture / videos that will be played by the selected order
  • Set a specific video RBT for a selected caller or callers
  • Hide a video RBT from a selected caller or callers
  • Copy other callers’ Story, it will be stored in your library
  • Save each video RBT and name it

Is the Hello Story service compatible with all mobile phones?

Hello Story requires an Android smart phone handset model.

Is the Hello Story service available to all Robi subscribers?

The Hello Story service is available to all Robi subscribers; for both prepaid and postpaid subscribers.

If I change my mobile number, can the Hello Story service be transferred to the new number?

No. The Hello Story subscription is not transferrable. Therefore, if you change your mobile number you will be required to register again and activate the service from the new number.

If I change from prepaid to postpaid service or vice-versa, will I have to register again for Ring Back Tone service?

No. The Hello Story service is connected to your mobile number. Hence, the Hello Story activation will still be available after a service conversion and changing your Robi service from prepaid to postpaid (or vice-versa) will not affect your Hello Story service.

Can I unsubscribe to the Hello Story service?

Yes. You can, at any time, cancel a subscription or have your subscription automatically cancelled. To unsubscribe to the service, you will have to select settings, my subscription then tab on deactivate subscription.
An SMS will be sent to inform you that the subscription was cancelled.

Will my callers still be able to view my story after I have deactivated the service?

No. After deactivating the service, your regular ring tone will be played to all callers.

How do I renew the Hello Story subscription?

Hello Story subscription renewal is automatic for both prepaid and postpaid subscribers in case there is enough balance.

What happens if I do not have sufficient credit to renew my subscription at the time of renewal?

If renewal payment cannot be processed, your subscription will be expired thus you will not be able to use the service.

How do I know that the subscription has been renewed?

Upon renewing the subscription, you will receive the confirmation message that the service has been successfully renewed.

Am I charged each time someone dials my number and a video is played?

No. There will not be any additional charges each time someone dials your number and your story is played.

Posting Videos

How do I post a Hello Story?

To upload a video or take a new one, you should first tap the + at the bottom left of the screen:

  • To upload a video from your Library, tap Choose from Library at the middle left of the screen and tap at the top:
        - Tap on Categories to access the video you’d like to share from the various in app templates
        - Tap on Copied Stories to access the video you’d like to share from the stories you had copied from other users
        - Tap on Library to access the video you’d like to share from your phone’s gallery
  • To record a video, tap Use Camera at the middle right of the screen.

Keep in mind that if the maximum video length is less than the ringing phase, it will be repeated until the ringing phase is over or the line is picked up.
Once you've recorded or uploaded a video, you can add a title for the story.

The total story duration should not exceed 30 seconds long, and viewed until the call is answered, rejected, or until the ringing phase is completed.

How do I publish multiple videos to my Hello Story?

Subscribers can upload multiple videos/images and post them as a single post to their story by the selected order. After uploading a video they can simply tap the + again and proceed.

How do I delete a video to my Hello Story?

To delete a video or a previous clip in your story, select the three horizontal dots on the right top of the selected story and tap Delete then tap confirm.

Can I re-assign a video after posting it?

After you’ve uploaded video, you can reassign it as per your last saved changes. To reassign a video or a previous clip in your story, select the three horizontal dots on the right top of the selected story and tap reassign then tap confirm.

Viewing Hello Story

How to view the Story?

Once you have published the Story, it will be displayed on the screen of your calling party while the phone is ringing. When you answer the call or upon ringing phase is over, the Story will end.

How often am I allowed to change the story published?

There is no limit for you to change your Story.

Are there any extra charge on my callers when the story is played to them?

No. Callers will not be billed any additional charge per-call when viewing the Story.

Can I set a unique Story for a specific contact?

Yes, you can set a unique Story for a specific caller or a group of callers. After you’ve uploaded or taken a new video, and after editing or adjusting it, tap on Set for specific callers.

Can I hide a Story from specific people?

You can assign your Story for specific people or select a group of people who will be able to see the story and hide it from the rest of your contacts.

How to save the Story?

All your stories will be automatically saved to your gallery.

Does the Hello Story service work while I am roaming?

Yes. If someone dials your Robi number while you are roaming, the video that you set will be played.

Why I am not able to see other people’s Stories as I call them?

Your app does not appear to be set as your default phone app as required. Please make necessary changes to set it as your default app Dialer. Open Settings, search for Default apps, touch Phone, then select Dialer.

Can I turn off auto sound when watching a Story RBT?

Once the Story RBT is displayed on the screen of the calling party while the phone is ringing; the caller will be able to Mute/unmute the video while the video is playing. To turn sound on or off while watching a story, tap on the microphone’s button on the video while it's playing. You can also turn sound on by pressing the volume buttons on your phone while a story is playing. Once the sound is on, you can use the buttons to adjust the volume.

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