Video Strong

Start Anew- with the country’s widest 4.5G video strong network

Video strong Data offers 4.5G Video strong sim

In our efforts to make life a little, easier and convenient for you, we are continuously improving our network across the country. Even in the difficult times of COVID-19, we have been relentlessly working to ensure seamless 4.5G experience for you. So that you can experience life online, staying home, staying safe. Making your digital life delightful, is our top priority. And for that, we are creating the widest 4.5G network for all amazing video experiences. Be it video calling to stay connected with friends and family, streaming your favorite movies, learning new things every day with tutorials, going live, video gaming with your friends, or just enjoying adorable baby videos in social media – our widest 4.5G video strong network has got you back!

  • Our 4.5G network across the country has the strongest band of 900 MHz ensuring largest population coverage to reach the most of our consumers and giving them access to the best internet experience.
  • With Google and Facebook content servers cached in Robi network, users will enjoy HD quality videos in Facebook, YouTube and all related platforms
  • With the best latency available, users will get fastest Internet access for instantaneous video loading, seamless gaming, and web browsing.

So, we welcome everyone to come, experience country’s widest Robi 4.5G Video Strong Network.