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Robi’s unique digital initiative brings warmth to cold affected people

Dhaka, December 23 2018: The leading digital services provider of the country, Robi, has come up with a unique digital initiative, “Mission Kombol” to help the cold affected people of the country. Mission Kombol, is a digital platform that allows the compassionate people of our society to donate blanket to the neediest.

Anyone can visit a specially created microsite: to make their donation. The site is accessible through Robi’s facebook page. Minimum donation set on the site is only 400 taka, which covers for a blanket and the cost for distribution to the ones who are most deserving. Well-known NGO, TMSS, is working as a partner organization in this project. The donated amount will go directly to TMSS’s account and they will complete the blanket distribution process.

An individual can donate up to 100 kombol at a time. Once the donor sets the number of kombol he/ she wants to donate, the site will lead him to the payment gateway which will offer very convenient mechanism (Debit/ credit card and popular MFS services) to settle the payment. After the successful blanket distribution, the kombol donor will get a notification with a unique image of winter victim for each of the donated blanket/s.