Robi Screen brings new Lavlu Mia detective serial, “The Serial Killer”

Dhaka, 20 January 2019: Robi’s entertainment platform, Robi Screen, has unveiled the latest web-series of the popular Lavlu Mia detective serial, “The Serial Killer”. Screenplay by Sakib Rayhan, the Serial Killer is now available on Robi Screen. Presented by BanglaDhol, the detective serial runs over three episodes. 

The city is gripped with sensational murder one after another. The murderer is leaving clues by the dead body. But the police is struggling to follow the lead from the clue. Desperate to solve the murder cases, police resorts to the legendary detective, Lavlu Mia, for help. As the situation intensifies, the murderer calls up the detective himself- such is the tense backdrop of the storyline for the latest edition of Lavlu Mia’s detective web-series, Serial Killer. 

Azad Abul Kalam, as usual, plays the role of Lavlu Mia. Kolyan Qorayra and Ishana Khan play the role of DB police. Besides, Shahriar Sajeeb, Nazmul Islam John, Riffat Hahan, Shamim Ahmed along with many others acted in the latest version of the popular detective series.  

Robi Screen app can be downloaded from Google Play Store using the link: One may also visit to subscribe to the entertainment platform. Subscription to Robi Screen is available in daily, weekly and monthly packages. These packages are priced at 2.44, 8.52 and 30.44 taka respectively (Including VAT, Supplementary Duty and Surcharge).