Robi career roadshow held at BUET

Dhaka, 3 November 2018: The leading digital services provider of the country, Robi, recently organized a day-long program titled ‘Robi Career Roadshow’, in association with BUET Career Club at the BUET campus. More than 600 students attended the event.

The core objective of the program was to make the students aware of the career opportunities available in Robi and the industry at large in this digital era. During the day-long program, an overview of Robi as an organization and its contribution to both the industry as well as the socio-economic development of the country was shared.

BUET career roadshow kicked off with a display and demo session. There were two separate sessions titled Industry-Academia Technology Dialogue and Demo in digital services. Robi’s IT and Technology team provided a practical demonstration to the students about the cutting edge technology that is shaping our future. The students also got a glimpse of some exclusive technologies invented and used by Robi.

One of the most interactive event of the day was the mock interview session. A total of 222 students attended this session. Some of the students faced the interview for their internship. After that students got the opportunity to meet with BUET alumnus from Robi. Alumnus shared their work life experience in Robi in this session.

Dr. Satya Prasad Majumder, Professor, Dept. of Electrical and Electronic Engineering and Director, Directorate of Students’ Welfare, BUET, delivered welcome speech of the most exciting part of the day- ‘Meet the leaders’, an exclusive interactive session with Robi’s Managing Director and CEO Mahtab Uddin Ahmed.

Mr. Mahtab was accompanied by Robi’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Medhat El Husseiny, Chief Digital Services Officer, Shihab Ahmed, Head of IT, Asif Naimur Rashid and Head of HR, Faisal Imtiaz Khan.

Reflecting on their illustrious career experience, they shared their views on the skills that the engineers would require to have to remain relevant in the digital era. The session concluded with the speech of the moderator of BUET Career Club and Associate Professor, Dept. of Civil Engineering Dr. Tanvir Ahmed.

Speaking on the occasion, Robi’s Managing Director and CEO, Mahtab Uddin Ahmed said, “Robi, being a leading digital company, is playing the lead role in enabling digital life for a better future. As part of this process, Robi has transformed itself into a next-generation digital company, where people are encouraged to take risks without the fear of failure. The innovative mindset we have adopted has tremendously boosted Robi’s appeal to the prospective talents to join us. I can assure the BUET students that you will have a career that truly unleashes the very best of you with Robi. I would like to thank the BUET authority for kindly allowing us to engage with the students of the country’s most revered Engineering school.”

The career road show concluded with prize giving ceremony for the SMS quiz contest winners. In the evening, students interested to work for Robi took part in a written examination. Final year students as well as students who completed their final year, attended the exam.

As a leading digital organization, Robi is always looking for fresh talents from the premier universities of the country to join its workforce. The company thrives on innovative ideas and creative energy which none can provide better than the fresh graduates.