Robi brings unique experience with iconic song “Nongor Tolo Tolo” this Victory Day

People can participate in the orchestral recreation of the song through cover or instrumental

Dhaka, 07 December 2020: The leading digital services provider of the country, Robi, has taken a unique initiative named “ Bijoyer shurey notun experience” to engage the people of the country in the Orchestral recreation of an iconic song ‘Nongor Tolo Tolo’ to celebrate Victory Day 2020. Robi with its widest 4.5G video strong network coverage is creating an opportunity for the people to perform with renowned musicians of the country through the initiative.

In order to participate in the campaign, people can create cover or instrumental of the song ‘Nongor Tolo Tolo’ and send their videos/audio to the Robi Facebook page: Music composer and member of the band Chirkutt, Pavel Areen is creating the new edition of the famous patriotic song. This song was chosen by the audience after a poll on the digital media platforms of Robi from 23rd to 3rd December.

Written by lyricist Noyem Gowhar and originally composed by Shomor Das, the new edition song will be performed by band Chirkutt along with veteran singer Rafiqul Alam. Lead vocal of band Cryptic Fate, Mr. Shakib Chowdhury will also take part in this performance along with many other renowned musicians of the country. Hundreds of young musicians chosen from the audience will perform in the song with their vocal or instrumental covers.

The last date of the submission of cover and instrumentals is 10th December. The video content of the fusion of orchestra and performance will be released on the eve of 16th December.