Bus tickets from bdtickets.com now available from retail points

Dhaka, 16 April 2019: The long distance bus tickets from Robi’s bdtickets.com are now available from retail points across the country in addition to the existing digital ticketing option. This is to extend the unique and user-friendly bus ticketing service to customers who are not yet comfortable with the digital ticketing system. 

More than 32000 retail points all over the country are now offering bus tickets to anywhere in the country on behalf of bdtickets.com. This measure literally has taken bdtickets.com to the doorstep of the customers around the country. 

Rather than traveling long distances, which in many cases involves traveling across the city by pushing through the terrible traffic for a few hours and spending a few hundred taka only to purchase a bus ticket from the designated counter. With the bdtickets bus tickets now available from the nearest retail points, it will now take a few minutes only. Customers can easily identify those retails, branded as RobiCash points. 

Any customer who has a valid and active mobile number can buy tickets from the retail points. People can collect their desired tickets from these retail points by cash payments. The retail points are also equipped to offer utility bill payments, recharges and train ticketing services.   

Bdtickets.com was launched in 2015 with a mission to digitize transportation ticketing system. Till date, the platform has digitized the ticketing system of more than 45 bus operators which cover more than 60 districts in Bangladesh. Bdtickets has an inventory of 66,000+ tickets every day. More than 1 million customers have been served from this platform since its inception. The platform plans to offer other types of ticketing services too.