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AI powered smart security surveillance solutions on the way PeepThePlace and Watchcam to collaborate

Dhaka, 22 September 2019: Solace Innovations- an IT company specializing in surveillance solutions have signed an MoU with Sigmind Labs Ltd.- an artificial intelligence (AI) focused research group recently to bring AI powered smart surveillance solutions in the market.

The AI powered surveillance solution is particularly suitable for situations where instant investigation of any untoward occurrence and identification of the miscreants is of paramount importance.

Founder and CEO of Solace Innovations, Muhammad Mohsiul Haque, and Founder and CEO of Sigmind Labs Ltd., Abu Anas Shuvom recently signed the agreement at the Janata Tower located in Karwan Bazar, Dhaka. Solace Innovation’s popular surveillance product is known as “PeepThePlace”, Sigmind Labs Ltd.’s popular product is known as “Watchcam”.

In this ceremony, Isnita Binte Ayub, Director, Solace Innovations and Seeam Hossain, COO of Sigmind Labs Ltd and other executive members were present.

Going beyond the traditional surveillance solutions, Solace Innovation and Sigmind Labs Ltd. are going to offer mobile app and surveillance monitoring technology solutions powered by AI that is capable of identifying suspicious activities by analyzing the video stream at real-time.

As part of the analysis, it recognizes patterns, motions, numbers and such other elements of the video content it captures. The users are then notified of suspicious activities through emails, SMSs and such other digital communication media.

This state-of-the-art smart solution is suitable for any individual, house-holds, corporate sector, Government organizations along with any institute that requires to keep a sharp eye on the their premises for enhancing security measures. Besides, it is also designed to cover highways, traffic circles, parking areas, fuel stations etc.

PeepThePlace is an independent business venture that came out of an employee digital entrepreneurship development programme, r-ventures, organized by the country’s leading digital service provider, Robi Axiata Limited.