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Think for a moment!

If there were a platform where you could show your mastery on data and insights, a platform that could help you launch yourself in the exciting world of AI and Data Analytics!

Enough of thinking, NOW Join Bangladesh's Biggest Data Event – Datathon 3.0! Ignite Innovation, Solve Real-World Challenges!

But wait, there's more! The Datathon 3.0 is not just a stage; it's a launchpad for your future. Top performers will have the chance to connect with industry leaders, potential mentors, and even secure exciting opportunities!


Live your passion! – Join The Datathon 3.0

If you have a knack for data, you always wanted to solve real world problems, and that too in a world-class data environment with state-of-the-art technologies – Datathon is the event you are looking for!
Organized by Robi Axiata Limited, Datathon is the country’s biggest and most prestigious Datathon revolving around the use of Big Data and Machine Learning to solve business problems.



Datathon 3.0 is open to both students and professionals of all backgrounds, including:

  • Data Analyst / Engineer / Scientist
  • AI / Machine Learning /Deep Learning experts
  • IT / Programming / Computer Science & Engineering experts
  • Mathematicians / Statisticians with interest in programming
  • Business / Domain experts (e.g. Marketing, Operations, Telecommunication etc.)

10,00,000 BDT

Worth of Exciting Prizes!



worth of Prizes!



worth of Prizes!



worth of Prizes!

Event Timeline


As an organization that creates an impact on people’s lives, Robi Axiata Ltd. realizes the importance of data-driven decisions. This datathon serves as a platform where top talents can showcase their data-driven insights and solutions to deliver impact.

The challenge revolves around data analytics, feature engineering, data visualization, Big Data analytics, and applied data science algorithms.

You will be required to form a team of two to five members and given a real-world dataset. You and your team are expected to propose and implement impactful data insights and solutions.

  • Propose solutions.
  • Draw insights from the data.
  • Implement high-performance AI/ML solutions.

Here’s what we’re looking for in the winning formula:

  • Relevance- Is your solution relevant to the competition and to society?
  • Impact- Is there an evident added value to your solution?
  • Innovation- What is novel or creative about the solution?
  • Technical ability- How complex are your algorithms and are you able to make your audience understand your solution easily?
  • Overall excellence- Did you make optimal use of the data?

  • Robi Axiata Ltd. reserves the right to cancel or postpone the Datathon at anytime for any reason
  • Robi Axiata Ltd. reserves the right to own all Intellectual property rights, product and final presentation
  • Robi Axiata Ltd. has the right to cancel/postpone this event anytime
  • Winners will be selected by Robi Axiata Ltd. in its sole discretion and must have conformed to the Terms and Conditions. Robi Axiata Ltd.’s decision with respect to the Winners will be final and no queries and/or appeals thereof will be entertained.
  • Robi Axiata Ltd. will not tolerate misrepresentation of any kinds


Zunaid Ahmed Palak

State Minister for Information and Communication Technology

In the current context, data is more valuable than oil or gold. Now with the amount of data being generated every moment, we have two avenues open for us: either we will be controlled by others, or we will control the world by harnessing the power of data. The positive move for us is to choose the second path. We have enough manpower for this. The Ministry of Posts, Telecommunications and Information Technology is working towards the goal of data conservation, data security and creating data experts in continuation of the brilliant and courageous plan of ...


Zunaid Ahmed Palak

State Minister for Information and Communication Technology

... Mr Sajib Ahmed Wazed - the architect of Digital Bangladesh, Honorable adviser to Prime Minister for ICT affairs, and follow the visionary and wise leadership of Honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina to implement Digital Bangladesh. I am happy to know that mobile operator Robi has been organizing the Datathon competition for the last few years. Robi's initiative in creating data scientists, data engineers, programmers and data community activists in the country deserves appreciation. I congratulate the organizers for such an effort. Now 16 crore 98 lakh people are using 19 crore 8 lakh 10 thousand mobile SIMs in the country ...


Zunaid Ahmed Palak

State Minister for Information and Communication Technology

... As a result, the country has become a data mine due to the way data is being produced constantly. If we do not learn to manage this data now, it will become a means of controlling us instead of blessing us. The data we are constantly producing provides us with various services through artificial intelligence. As a result, we don't realize how important data is becoming a resource day by day. So, if we don't want to get caught in the trap of artificial intelligence then we have to develop data scientists. For that purpose, Bangladesh is working to face the new challenges of the world keeping in mind the issue of data management ...


Zunaid Ahmed Palak

State Minister for Information and Communication Technology

... We know “data scientists and data engineers are the driving force of the digital economy. They are the people who transform data into important information to drive an organization forward. I believe, through this event, a community of data scientists and data engineers will be developed in the country who will help to further advance digital Bangladesh and establish themselves in the world with their talent and competence ...


Zunaid Ahmed Palak

State Minister for Information and Communication Technology

... Let's join the journey to build Smart Bangladesh and work towards the implementation of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina's Vision 2041 – Succeed in the ongoing struggle to establish a developed Bangladesh through the establishment of Bangabandhu's cherished dream of Sonar Bangla. Let Datathon 2024 be a success.
'Amra joyee, amra durbar,
Projukti egiye jawar hatiyar'
Joy Bangla, Joy Bangabandhu.


Mohibul Hassan Chowdhoury

Minister of Education

We need to have a fresh perspective on our education system so that we can create the human resources who can benefit from the digitization of the society. Datathon 2.0 competition has certainly generated momentum in this regard across the country; I thank Robi for this time befitting initiative.


Rajeev Sethi

Chief Executive Officer, Robi Axiata Limited

We are a strong advocate for leveraging the power of data to drive innovation and provide superior customer experience. We wholeheartedly encourage and celebrate young talents showcasing exceptional capabilities and pushing the boundaries of what data can achieve.
We encourage every data enthusiast to participate in Datathon 3.0 and make a mark in the era of Digital revolution.


Professor Paul Morrissey

Global Ambassador AI/BDA TM Forum

The amount of Data that is being created in this world is phenomenal. I’m glad to say that in Bangladesh, Robi is organizing a Datathon that will bring together Data Enthusiasts, Data Scientists, Data Engineers, and anybody who is interested in data.

The Datathon Stories

" A true caffeine fueled experience and a proper stepping stone into the data science industry! "


Champion, Datathon 1.0 & 2.0

" An exhilarating experience filled to the brim with exciting problems that engage your data science skills. "


Champion | Datathon 1.0

" Win or lose, Robi Datathon helps build ML portfolio that benefits future careers. "


Participant | Datathon 2.0

" The Robi Datathon experience fueled my passion for data, a drive I still embrace. "


Participant | Datathon 2.0

" A completely different experience for me was to work with such large scale data! "


Participant | Datathon 2.0

" Robi's Datathon 2.0 boosted my data skills, empowering me for real-world challenges. "


Participant | Datathon 2.0

Frequently asked questions

1. What is the application process?

I. Registration
You will go to this Microsoft Form. After that, please provide your personal and team details and complete the registration process.

II. Confirmation
The shortlisted participants will be notified via email confirmation. These teams will be able to attend the Qualifier round.

2. What is the Qualifier?

This is a time bound online competition whereby you will be given a technical problem to solve using a dataset. The solution is expected to be in the form of a predictive machine learning model. Top 10 teams of this qualifier will move onto the final round i.e. Datathon. Assessment will be based on the model’s predictive performance (70% weightage) and approach to solution design (30% weightage). You will be provided with a guide to help you understand the approach to solution design we are looking for.

3. What is Datathon?

This is a 48-hour long onsite competition whereby you will be given a dataset to solve business problems. You are expected to arrive at the Robi Corporate Office .

The competition will begin at (time to be disclosed later) and continue through the night up to (time to be disclosed later).

You will have a (time to be disclosed later) recess to rest, have lunch and prepare your presentation materials. Afterwards, the judge panel will examine your team’s submission and attend your presentation.

4. When will the winners be announced?

The winners are planned to be announced at the Gala event.

5. How many winners will there be?

Three winning teams will be announced and awarded. The champion team, the first runner-up team, and the second runner-up team will receive 5 lakhs taka, 3 lakhs taka, and 2 lakhs taka respectively as prize money.

6. How many teams will participate in the Datathon?

The Top 10 teams from the qualifier round, based on their solution’s performance and approach, will be selected to participate in the final round of the competition.

7. How can I get clarification on my queries?

For queries and clarifications, please send an email to datathon@robi.com.bd.

8. Who can participate in the competition?

University students, working professionals and freelancers from all backgrounds are eligible to participate in the competition, but the data enthusiasts are especially encouraged to participate. However, winners of previous Datathon competitions organized by Robi are not allowed to participate in this edition of Datathon.

9. What is the age limit for the competition?

The age limit for the participants of the competition is at least 18 years.

10. What are the requirements for forming a team?

Each team must have at least two members and the number of members in each team must not exceed 5 members.

11. What do I need to bring to the competition?

The competition will revolve around reasonably sized datasets, as such, you are expected to bring capable machines, such as, laptops and desktops to the competition. Additionally, you may bring chargers, accessories, and stationaries to facilitate your participation in the competition.

12. Do I need to use my own hardware?

Yes. You are expected to use your own computer hardware and resources in both, the Qualifier, and the Datathon rounds of the competition.

13. Will Internet Be Provided?

You will be provided with Wi-Fi-based internet during the onsite Datathon at the Robi Corporate Office.

14. What accommodations and amenities will be provided?

Robi will provide meals for the day, but beyond that, no further amenities will be provided. In case you have special dietary preferences/restrictions, you are expected to bring your own food. You can also bring your own toiletries, spare sets of clothes and a sleeping bag.

15. Can someone use my name and participate in my place?


16. Do I need to produce any identity verification documents?

Yes. Please bring (photocopy of) your NID or Passport when you come to take part in the competition. You need to show this at the entrance for security reasons.

17. Can I change my Teammates after registration?

No. Once registration is completed, you cannot change your teammates. You can only drop members from your team; swapping or adding new members to the team is not allowed.

18. Can I change my email address or Phone no after registration?

No. Once registration is completed, you cannot change your email or phone no. All communications will be made in the registered email and phone no.

19. Can I bring anyone to the premises?

No. Only participants can attend offline programs.

20. Are there any parking facilities for participants vehicle?


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