We are offering up to 100% TAKA Back offer with Samsung J series 4G smartphones,

Customer will get the cash back amount in 3 years through 3 cycle (each cycle will be 12 months). Cash back amount will be define based on cumulative data purchase commitment slab in a year.



Handset J2 4G J2 Prime J2 Pro On 7 Pro J2 2018 J4 J7 Nxt (16GB) J7'16
MRP (BDT) 9,990 11,990 13,490 14,990 13,490 15,490 15,990 18,990
Handset J7 Nxt (32GB) J7 Prime J6 J7 Max J7 Dous J7 Pro J7 Prime 2
MRP (BDT) 19,900 21,900 21,900 24,900 27,990 29,490 22,900


Handset Model J2 4G J2 Prime’2018 J2 Pro On 7 Pro J2 2018 J4
Device price (TK) 9,990 11,990 13,490 14,990 13,490 15,490
Cash back (BDT)/ Per year 3330 3997 4497 4997 4497 5163.33
Cumulative data purchase Min commitment* BDT 6600/year (Total in 3 years BDT 19800)
Handset Model J7 Nxt (16GB) J7'16 J7 Nxt (32GB) J7 Prime J6 J7 Max J7 Dous J7 Pro J7 Prime 2
Device price (TK) 15,990 18,990 19,900 21,900 21,900 24,900 27,900 29,490 22,900
Cash back (BDT)/ Per year 5330 6330 6633.33 7300 7300 8300 9330 9830 7633.33
Cumulative data purchase Min commitment* BDT 11400/year (Total in 3 years BDT 34200)

* Price include Govt Levies


TK 10000 & TK 5000 TAKA Ferot Offer

Customer can also enjoy 10000 taka or 5000 taka cash back based on his cumulative data purchase

Total Cash back Amount Details Per year Total in 3 years
BDT 5000 Cumulative data purchase min. commitment BDT  3600 BDT 10800
Cash back amount BDT  1666 BDT 5,000
BDT 10000 Cumulative data purchase min. commitment BDT  6000 BDT 18000
Cash back amount BDT  3333 BDT 10,000

* Price include Govt Levies

Promotional Data Pack for Taka Ferot Offer

Customer can also purchase below specific bundle for cash back offer. This data pack is available only for cash back campaign

Monthly Bundle Bundle price in BDT
(incl. govt. levy)
Validity (days)
Data ( any network) Data (4G) Total
5GB 5GB 10GB 298 30
7GB 7GB 14GB 497 30
8GB 8GB 16GB 549 30
15GB 15GB 30GB 949 30

Activation Bonus:

Customer will also enjoy the following activation offer

Activation Offer Validity
2 GB Data for Regula usage 2GB  Data for Robi TV & My Sports 10 days

Terms & Conditions

TAKA Back Modality & Qualifying Criteria

  • After purchasing specific handset, customer will generate a successful chargeable voice call to any valid Local No to register for the campaign & Taka Ferot cycle tenure countdown will start accordingly.
  • Customer will get the above cash back amount in 36 months through 3 cycle (Each cycle will be 12 month)
  • Customer will get maximum, 100% taka Ferot amount against his registered Samsung device based on his yearly commitment data bundle purchase.
  • To enjoy Taka Back offer customer has to use specific handset with first tagged mobile no
  • Along with the above mentioned offer customer will get 4GB data activation bonus with 10 days’ validity for 3 months. Out of 4GB, 2GB will be usable for any purpose & rest 2GB will be usable for My sports & Robi TV service.
  • The Taka Ferot amount will be credited to the Subscriber as Cash which can be redeem from Robi Sheba or Robi Experience Center. Customer can also credit the amount at his mobile main balance. Customer will be notified through SMS when he will be eligible to redeem the cash back.
  • Customer has to redeem the Taka back amount within 30 days from the date of disbursement otherwise customer will not be eligible for the Taka redemption
  • We will consider the Mobile no and IMEI upon first tagging for taka ferot amount and contract cycle calculation for the data pack purchase count & Taka Ferot amount accordingly
  • Customer will get maximum 100% Taka Ferot amount based on cumulative data purchase
  • Robi/Robi will deduct the Tax as per law prior to reimburse the credit amount to customer
  • Only data pack purchase will be considered for cash back calculations. COMBO BUNDLE & MY NET PLAN will not be considered
  • Customer has to recharge/use minimum BDT 150 ( with govt. levis) per month to avail the offer

Detail Information & terms

  • All Existing & New Robi/Robi Pre-paid Mass & SME  (Except PCO & easy load) subscribers are eligible for this offer
  • Multiple Mobile no. & IMEI tagging will not be considered
  • Package wise all other tariffs/benefits will remain unchanged.
  • Customer can buy above promotional bundles upon successful registration with return SMS
  • This Offer cannot be combined with any other offer provided by Robi/ Robi. This Offer is not valid for special, commercial or enterprise plans.
  • Each cycle outstanding/ surplus balance will not carry forward for next cycle
  • For cash collection from Robi Sheba customer has to bring his NID Card against which the Mobile No is registered and biometric verification will be required
  • This offer is subject to modification based on changes in the business, legal and regulatory requirements and will be updated in website and other digital channel. We will make all efforts to communicate any significant changes to this Policy to you.
  • Robi will be entitled to postpone, suspend, modify or cancel the Offer or any aspect thereof, at any time with or without notice, for any reason. If Robi suspends or cancels the Offer, all aspects of the offer shall be null and void. Robi will not be liable to compensate any subscriber for any postponement or cancellation or for any reason directly or indirectly arising out of this Offer.
  • These Terms and Conditions shall constitute an agreement between Robi and each subscriber and by subscribing to the Offer, subscriber accepts the same as binding upon him/her.
  • Robi has no liability whatsoever in respect of any claims or disputes and any resulting damages or losses, whether direct or indirect, relating to the customer availing, not receiving or customer’s use of the offer.
  • Robi makes no warranties or representations whatsoever in respect of the offer and the mobile services including as to its fitness for any particular purpose, merchantability, quality, availability, disruption or error free operation.
  • To check internet dial : *8444*88#
  • For Handset related any issue handset partner is responsible as per the warranty modality

Handset availability

  • Handsets will be available in Partner channel & WIC


  • 1 year standard warranty applicable for handset

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