Goongoon 2 Tk. Subscription offer:

VAS users who once used Goongoon but no longer useswill get 5 days subscription at Tk2.44 auto-renewal at Tk 36.53 (along with fallbacks) with 2 free song downloads across all the modes. For active user on opting for the offer will get 2 free song downloads.


Feature Modality:

  • User has to subscribe to this pack separately.
  • User will dial USSD code and will give auto renewal consent by pressing 1 to get the offer. Alternatively he will get OBD call and press the respective button to get activated.
  • New User will get 5 days subscription at Tk. 2.44 with auto-renewal at Tk. 36.53 ( along with fallbacks) with 2 free song downloads across all the modes.
  • Active user will get the free 2 songs.
  • Songs getting downloaded will also be renewed after the free period of 30 days. Regular fall back pricing will be applicable at the time of renewal.
  • There will be no restriction for the user to take the offer. A user already active with the offer if opts in again will also be allowed to take the offer once again & can again download fresh set of 2 songs.



Subscription -Tk. 2.44 for 5 days subscription.


Renewal (with Fallback) -

25 Days
20 Days
10 Day
5 Days
36.53 30.44 24.35 18.26 12.18 6.09 1.22

Content Renewal (with Fallback)-

90 Days (TK) 60 Days (TK) 30 Days (TK)
18.26 12.18 6.09

*Content is free of charge for new & active user.

* Content fallback will be applicable at renewal.

* Content Renewal after 30 days.


All Prices Include VAT, SD & SC

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