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This is certainly exciting times for the telecommunications industry, and all the more exciting for ambitious talents aspiring challenging careers. I welcome all who believe in reaching high in their careers with a can do attitude.

The telecom industry has a profound bearing on the country’s overall development. It has raised the tele-penetration rate to around 82% and the internet penetration to around 34% within a short period of time. The industry alone contributes approximately 3% to the GDP and constitutes 10% of the national revenue of which Robi is one of the major contributors.

As a telecom operator, we have always put effort on how to delight our customers best through our evolving network and innovative products and services. We, as a company, take pride in being the first operator to have launched 3.5G service in Bangladesh and extend coverage to all 64 districts. Some of our innovative endeavors, such as Digital Services strives to emancipate customers from cumbersome processes through providing innovative mobile services. Today people are transferring money with a click all around the country. Inspiringly, researchers and policymakers are recognizing Digital Services as a tool to support the government’s drive towards inclusive growth., are glaring examples of how we have impacted consumer behavior and how we have served as a catalyst for help the youth to ignite the spirit within themselves. - our mobile application platform provides an opportunity for our young mobile application developers to pursue their zeal for entrepreneurship by hosting their own apps on this platform under an equal revenue sharing scheme.

Robi’s strong value based culture has served as the impetus to our journey towards greatness. Our three guiding principles (values) for the company; Uncompromising Integrity, I can, I will; and Customer at the Centre are imbibed in the way we conduct our day-to-day operations, irrespective of individual level or company level. Painstaking efforts have been taken to create a high performance culture addressing enhanced speed of decision making and action.

Robi is part of Asia’s telecom giant Axiata Group Berhad based in Malaysia. In line with our parent company’s vision of “Advancing Asia” through a talent pipeline, we take Talent Management very seriously. Our endeavor starts with “Robi Young Talent Program” where we recruit fresh graduates, who are subjected to a rigorous assessment process. The objective is to hire not the best, but the right individual, so that we not only have our needs catered to, but also give the incumbent an opportunity to realize their potential and aspiration. Following that, comes our Robi Accelerated Development Program (RADP), which aims to identify talents within the organization on the basis of performance and potential, whereby the chosen high performing talents are navigated through a robust learning program that prepares them for accelerated growth.

Robi has been capable of evolving into a Globally High Performing Company (according to Communicate 2014 – A Towers Watson conducted survey among the Axiata Operating Companies because of its rigorous people practices. We have exercised uncompromised integrity when it comes to our people, be it rewarding them or disciplining them. Our various accolades stand testament of such statement. Robi has been recognized with the Axiata People Management Award consecutively for the last three years and Best Overall Performance Award for the last two consecutive years.

Robi is not for the complacent and task oriented people. To be a member of the Robi clan, we expect our members to be aspirational, appreciating a job full of excitement, challenges, recognition and rewards. The industry is striving to keep up with the rapid evolution happening in the arena of technology, products and services. If you think extreme and enjoy it, Robi would be an ideal launch pad for your career probe.

Wish you excitement, achievement, and a sense of accomplishment in your journey called career. Ignite your spirit within!

Matiul Islam Nowshad
Chief Corporate & People Officer
Robi Axiata Limited

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