Server Colocation

Save on real estate and maintenance costs by hosting your servers, storage and network equipment in our state-of-the-art data center.

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Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

Eliminate costly downtimes from hardware and software failure. We can provide backup for your entire IT system.

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Server Hosting

Make your businesses technically scalable by moving from physical to virtual server hosting environment.

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Vault, Archiving & Managed Storage

Securely store your customer and business data with us.

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Virtual Private Servers (VM)

Optimize costs by creating multiple instances of a server on a single machine through virtualization.

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Products and packaging

We offer pre-configured packages and add-on services to meet your business needs.

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Scalable Model

  • Small footprint to start with. Pay-As-You-Go
  • Designed to scale just by augmenting workload capacity without changing the architecture

Secure and Faster Transmission Access

  • Transmission protection by reliable/trusted partner
  • Dedicated bandwidth for real-time and faster access experience

Faster Go-To-Market

  • Cloud deployment & configuration in a week
  • Certified solutions, applications, reference architectures - leading to fine-tuned integration points

De-risked delivery

  • Single pre-sales technical staff to manage
  • Trained Robi personnel availability to collaboratively develop the Clud

Resilient Architecture

  • No single point of failure. Protection against hardware & logical failures
  • Separate clusters for workload & management pods

One Touch Support

  • Owns support from start to finish
  • Dedicated account Manager
  • L1 support coupled with Remote managed Services

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