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রবি ইউনিফাইড বিজনেস কমিউনিকেশন

The Robi Unified Business Communication platform is developed to collaborate and connect with contemporary businesses by converting a mobile device into a portable corporate workplace. This solution can be used even when you need to conduct business away from the office.

Small businesses can publish one Robi number to receive all incoming calls from their existing and prospective customers. Selected employees of the company can become the recipients of the calls from the customers whenever they are free to answer.

Large businesses can use the solution to have one Robi number within the organization for all internal services and support team. Each team can be set as a branch under an Interactive Voice Recording (IVR) tree. No need to save or remember different numbers to get the required support from the company.

  • Single number communication for all incoming and outgoing calls to customers
  • Cloud based smart contact center
  • Mobility, availability and efficiency of users and employees
  • Works on bar, feature, and smart phones
  • Self-service portal for setting up and managing the service according to the company’s needs
  • Cost Effective. No need for investing in new hardware with maintenance ensured all year round
  • Very easily scalable. Add or remove call recipients or departments according to your business requirements.

Uconnect is a cloud-based contact center solution which offers a Unified Voice Communication platform, allowing agents to communicate at multiple company locations and enables the company to track & store call backups.

  • Dynamic IVR
    Simple and user-friendly drag and drop platform.
  • Agent On-Boarding Management
    Customize call flow creation and management. Customer can easily manage the process.
  • Interactive Dashboard
    Realtime call monitoring and multiple report generation.
  • Detailed Call Tracker
    Privileged access into the call flow at each IVR node
  • Click to Call (For Agent)
    Call generation with a simple click
  • Call Forwarding & Recording
    Efficiently route customers to the right agent and store back up for further insights
  • CLI Masking
    Protect your caller information with a masked number.
  • Serial Hunting
    Redirect incoming call sequentially to designated number.

Cost Effective

  • No requirement of physical set up.
  • Low call charge

Scale your contact center elastically.

  • Single click agent onboarding/ Offloading
  • Agent capacity 1 to N; N= Any Number

Ensure operational visibility.

  • Daily, weekly, and monthly reports

Improve the customer experience.

  • Low waiting time for user

Access call tracking and analytics

  • Store all the call recordings.
  • Get multiple call analytics.

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